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wanted to love more

This is one of the very few Clinique products that I personally do not care for. As an oily skin, I thought Clinique had heard my prayers for lightweight SPF for the summer... nope.

First, note that this product separates, so you need to shake the tube.

I like the squeeze tube, super easy to use, I rubbed it between my fingertips to warn the product so it goes on easily but I found the product didn't 'dry' down and go matte (not supposed to - just wish it would). My skin looked moist - and to an oily skin, I don't want to look any more shiny.

I guess what makes this 'waterproof' makes this feel more like sunscreen and a lot less like foundation. I noticed that i was using more powder than usual and I could feel it on top of my skin.

If you are an oily skin type, you might not like this but as a dry / normal type you might fall in love. personally, I will not repurchase.

Good old Black Honey!

I have been wearing black honey almost lipstick on and off for about 15 years. It is a great go to - not too sheer not too moderate - just a great shiny tinted hybrid!

Black Honey is in the berry family. It looks intimidating in the tube but once it is on, you too, will fall in love. This is one of those shades for everyone. It never gets sticky, it will not run off, It has staying power not staining power! I find it super smoothing and since I tend to wear more eye makeup during the holidays, this is a nice way to pull my look together without looking hard or overdone. The vessel is a thin long tube with a traditional swivel base, easy to carry and the cap stays tight.

I highly recommend this product to everyone. It receives a full 5 stars because the quality of ingredients, shade for everyone, good vessel and price.

i'm addicted

I have used this scrub for at least 15 years. I love it. I do not use it all 7 days, but you could. (you have to work up to it over a 2 month period)

LOVE IT! I use it 3 times a week (sometimes, just my t-zone to keep it clean). The scrubbing particles are 100% perfectly round, so it will NOT scratch your face. You use a small amount, it rinses off clean, I use it before my 3 step and do not find scrubbing particles in my hairline. I highly recommend this facial scrub and wouldn't buy anything else. You can use this year round.

not for me

I like the product. It looks good, I received Mango-thon, a 'safe' peachy-brown, from one of their GWP sets. You turn-click the bottom 500 times and thick gloss comes out of a white bristle brush. I like the way it feels but it is a little too thick for me and tends to get a tad gummy over time.

It offers a nice shine and good coverage and feels good rubbing my lips back and forth but I feel like I am pulling my lips apart. And I can't stop thinking... Is it on my teeth?

It is also hard to wipe off. Because it is a little thicker, you should use makeup remover to rid all trace, a dry tissue drags too much.

I'm glad that I received this a GWP - I wanted to try it buy didn't want to buy it. lol. And I won't - I'll stick to old fashioned lipstick!

It looses the 1.5 stars because you can not see into the vessel, therefore you do not know you have run out... till it's all gone and the consistency.

My go-to Liquid

So far, is my favourite liquid foundation. I have been able to continue to use Clinique foundations as my skin has changed over the past 20 years. I have a lot of freckles mixed with sun damage and this has started to make the age spots go away.

Now, I HARDLY wear foundation, I usually only wear powder but this is what I use when I need more coverage than powder and primer offer.

I like the fact this is buildable and does not make me look like I have a mask of makeup on. You see my freckles and it looks natural, most foundations tend to look chalky over my freckles but not this product. It is also matte, so as the owner of an oily t-zone, I am confident that I will not have shine break through 10 minutes after I leave the house.

I use a foundation brush (Lancome) to get it in the creases around my nose and mouth and a sponge to smooth it out but I do not wear it all over, I top it with loose powder. It is long wearing, the colour does not darken over time.

I have just been diagnosed with rosacea, so I will be replacing this with Clinique's Redness Solutions Makeup SPF 15 with Probiotic Technology. I'll let you know what I think!

Layering agent

This product is best used when layered on top of All About Eyes Cream. During the summer, I keep it in the fridge, it's ultra soothing.

keep it on your orbital bone, it seems like you will have a lot of product but it will dry down. I didn't see immediate results at first but after continued use my skin was smoother and brighter. The ball roller will distribute product evenly, do it kind of slow, or you will end up with one eye that has more serum then the other.

I have tried L'Oreal Collagen Micro-Pulse Vibrating Eye Treatment and I have to say that was a waste. lol. Buy the clinique serum, save yourself time and get a product that works! I will buy this again, I love it!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. I use it during spring / summer. It is sooo lightweight, does not run (I have oily eye lids), absolutely no fragrance. This is made from a cream-gel formula - not thick like a cream but not sticky like a gel, just delicious. It works immediately, the results are lasting and my eye makeup stay truer longer.

You use such a small amount on your orbital bone, this jar lasts me 5 months (then I use samples for a month and buy the Rich version for winter!)

a MUST for the Winter

I switch my skincare between spring / summer and fall / winter. This is the best cream for Winter. It is more moisturizing but not greasy. it smooths line and deflates any puffiness. It never runs and the cream-gel formula is very comfortable in feel and consistency. As a bonus it holds my eye makeup on longer! This is a great product for dry, mature and winter skin. I will buy again, without a doubt!

not for the price

I am a HARDCORE clinique user. this product however, missed the mark for me. It is so 'oily' i feel like i can't get it off. It is also pricier then I prefer to pay. It's around $18. Even though I feel it is a great makeup remover but I prefer to use Neutrogena's Oil-Free M/U remover, which will also remove waterproof mascara and costs about $6. I will not be purchasing this again.

Great day cream

I love this. I mix it with Clinique's DDMG because it is a little too thick for my liking. I look so refreshed, so bright. I have had people compliment me on my skin when i have this on alone, no powder. I will buy this again. I use 1/2 pump and mix. It is a white iridescent serum. blends in so it's good for all skin tones. LOVES IT! It is pricey $61 @ nordies. I justify the cost because I mix it, so a little goes a long way. This one bottle should last a year.

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