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Had to return it

I am Clinique's biggest advocate but this, no. I couldn't wait to get my hands on this, I ran right to Nordies and bought a bottle and 2 weeks later I returned it.

NEVER have I broken out so badly with a new skincare product. It was terrible. The blemishes were everywhere. ugg.

It's a pump like Turn Around Concentrate. You can not see through the bottle. You will most likely have to finish the bottom 1/4 of the product by turning the bottle upside down - the pump will no longer suck the serum out.

*PLEASE NOTE this is a 12 week program. you most likely will NOT see results for 3 months. Clinique Laser Repair is the same way.

Suprisingly delicious

I was shocked how much I love this liner collection. I was the lucky recipient of a duo in one of their GWP's, Chocolate Lustre & Cocoa Shimmer.

The liners go on so smoothly, no drag. Both of these liners have a shimmer to them, super sexy not glittery, I like the way it brightens. I have oily eyelids and these last all day - they far outlast my shadows. They remove cleanly and easily even thought they are water proof.

I highly recommend this liner collection. I will rebuy when my current duo runs out. It looses 1/2 a star because a sharpener is not provided. (extra purchase)

Undeservingly bad rap!

This is step 2 of your 3-Step skin care. You apply a small amount to a cotton round and wipe all over your face, avoiding the eye area.

I think this product has a bad rap because it contains alcohol. People automatically assume alcohol permanently drys out your skin so they avoid this line. Understand that this type of skincare is only working on the upper epidermal layer - it's not penetrating the skin. The alcohol is used as a antiseptic for oily acne-prone skin, it refreshes and evaporates.

You will see darkening on the cotton round, that is the dead skin that has been removed to make way for your moisturizer. Because this did all the prep work, your lotions and creams will melt in to your face. You will actually use less product because Clarifying Lotion clears debris like a dump truck. And just wait till you add Turn Around Cream!!!

need proof - check out my profile pics. I'll be 36 in 3 weeks and have been using Clinique's 3-step since I was 15.

ALWAYS follow with your favourite day/night cream and Gorgeous, don't forget the SPF!

An investment worth every penny!

I purchased this at Sephora, specifically because it was the BCA model. It comes with the sensitive brush head which I think is a good starter brush, after 90 days I replaced it with the normal brush head. *I now replace my brush head every 70 days - I think 90 is too long, I feel the brush start to soften, like when you need to change your toothbrush.

I did not use the provided facial washes, I use Clinique Facial Soap Mild, exclusively, so I can not comment on any of those products.

This brush is amazing. My skin was visibly cleaner after the first use. It was super soft and smooth, there wasn't a trace of makeup or residue of SPF lingering. When I used my moisturizer, I noticed a completely different feel - it actually melted into my skin, not just sitting on top. Since this polishes as you work it along a specific and timed pattern, it removes all loose dead skin. This enable your skincare products to work more efficiently and consistently because they're not fighting with dead skin cells and dry patches. I discovered that I was using less of my moisturizers and serums, since they just melted in. My face always looks radiant and I'm proud to show off my skin.

It is super simple to use, your face is divided into a quad and you follow the beeps to move to your next quad. It takes less than 2 minutes.

My ONLY complaint: I wish the cord was detachable so I could leave the charging station on the counter holding my brush and the cord tucked away in a drawer.

I have used it for 2 years, 2 times a day, every day. I swear by it. If it broke, I'd race out and buy a replacement.

BEST cleanser ever!

I LOVE THIS!! I have used Clinique's 3-Step since I was 15. I have always had a love / hate relationship with the bar of facial soap - half way through it smelled gross. it looked gross. it was, in fact, gross.

This cleanser will not strip your skin, where it feels tight, but cleanse it thoroughly. I use it with my Clairsonic. I have used both the Mild and the Oily version. I love them equally. The non-drying formula rinses off cleanly.

Use a full pump and follow with your Clarifying lotion and DDML/G. My skin felt normal for the first time after this product came out, it wasn't on the yo-yo on too oily or too stripped. It was just right!

I only use this cleanser, so I highly recommend it. The vessel is super easy to use, it dispenses the right amount of product, you can see if you are running low for replacement and the top locks shut for traveling.

Remember, this is a facial cleanser, not a makeup remover. If you wear heavy foundation, choose a makeup remover first and follow it with this product. One removes makeup, one cleans the skin.

*TIP: apply this to dry skin (avoid eye area) the product will break down dirt super fast then add water to create an emollient and the soap bubbles will lift dirt and debris away.

Needs more colour options

I have used it off and on for serveral years, because I like the actual product and the brush. The vessel is the same size as their classic eyeshadow cases. The product is a harder-then-shadow powder that you use the (included) angled brush to apply. It is long lasting, even for an oily skin type, like myself.

This is an excellent fill in product if you already have brows but if do not have full brows, it can look like you have applied eyeshadow to your brow bone.

This product has lost 2 stars because: 1) the slim colour choices (at least make a compact with 2 powders so we can blend) 2) the brush transfers moisturizer / foundation / oil back into the brow product so it starts to harden and become unusable. I know this is solely my own fault but I have never been able to get more then 50% use of this shaper before it hardened. ugg.

I switched to their new brow pencil / highlighter, which I like a lot. I had my eyebrow tattooed in October, So now I do not use any brow products. Well, I still use the highlighter part.

yeah, it's that good

I have a super shiny, oily t-zone and I hardly wear foundation - this was made for me!

It is lightly flesh toned but blends in clear. The product goes on like a cream to powder finish. My skin looks so even and smooth and my pores are non-existent. It keeps the shine at bay for hours and is my secret weapon as to why I do not wear foundation. (But you could).

It is a nice sized squeeze tube, easy to use and clean. You do have to squeeze the product out, it is not runny.

I use this after my 3-step, and top with powder blusher and loose powder. I have many visible freckles and this melts in clear and does not look chalky on my skin. It is a staple in my makeup case and I am never without it. This is a top recommendation from me.

4/22/11 Please note: This product has been reformulated and is now available in a green tube. It is even better than this pink tube version... so I guess that makes it 5 1/2 stars! ;-)

Redundant but works well

As a post blemish product for lightening the discolorations pimples leave, it works well.

The vessel has a clicking rotating base that you turn to dispense the product, which is a white cream. Crank out a small amount and use the actual vessel to apply the product to the area you're treating.

I would usually reapply once during the day and found it never over-dried my skin.

I do use Turn Around Concentrate nightly, so this can be a redundant exfoliator, I felt it just stepped up my spot treatment.

I have not repurchased since I started using a prescription topical from my dermatologist. I'm not sure if I would rebuy since Even Better launched.

Feels good Works good

I liked the warming effect on my cheeks! You use this with wet finger tips, unlike the 7day scrub. Do not over exfoliate with this product, twice a week is probably enough.

Apply to clean damp skin, the water is what makes this start to heat. Use small circular moves, staying clear of the eye area. I used it all over day 1 and in my t-zone only on day 2 (I used it 2 days a week, Monday and Thursday).

My skin was soft from the polishing beads and noticeably a bit pink from the warming ingredients. My pores were only smaller, right after use then returned to their normal size as the day wore on. My pores never looked smaller or got smaller.

I did stop using this after I started to use a topical exfoliant from the Dermatologist. Using both products was too harsh and the scrub started to feel like it was bringing my skin.

I would buy it again but it is not a miracle scrub just one that warms.

needs a larger colour choice

This is a great product. It will line and fill in your lips smoothly and easily. It stays put (let it set for 30 seconds before topping with lipstick or gloss) If you use a product the tends to run, Quickliner will keep it in place.

Here's my issues, The colour choice is too boring. There's no pink! You have red and plums and browns. BORING! Also, there is not a lot of product in the tube but you are paying for convenience of the retractable tube. Sold for $14, I personally buy MAC retractable liners.

If they expand their colour options I would repurchase.

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