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Not the product for me

Petuna is pinky . I know everyone loves these. I too want to love these but i can't! Since i do not wear foundation, I thought they would be perfect and melt into my skin.

My first problem is: I completely dislike putting my fingers in products. I think it is unsanitary and leads to cross contamination. I just felt as thought they were waxy. it blended... but then i found myself blending a little more and a little more. lol. I'll stick with my powder blusher.

Good coverage, natural finish

I would say, this is my #3 favourite product from stila, following #1 shadows & #2 H2O proof eyeliner.

The trick is to use a concealer brush. I use Sonia Kashuk's collect at target, brush #14.

I use it to cover dark circles, blemishes and lighten dark areas around my nose and mouth. It covers easily and it pretty transparent under your foundation. Shake well, before use. It loses a star because it is overpriced.

Spend $50 on something else.

This brush had so much promise. It is super soft, big and fluffy and PERFECT for applying loose powder. I wanted this love affair to last forever - except it bled and shed. Every single time i washed it it bled blue. every time i used it, it left hairs all over my face. Just like the blusher / highlighter. If you HAVE TO have it, buy the Lancome's #7 instead. I rated it 2 stars because of design, weight and handle length. It lost 3 stars because of price v/s material used.

I should have just burned the $50

This brush had so much promise. With that highlighter tip and a full blusher side. Except it bled and shed. Every single time i washed it it bled blue. every time i used it, it left hairs all over my face. WTH! Stila, you should be ashamed!

Your body deserves this!!

I received this as a deluxe sample from as a GWP. I love bliss products, so it was no surprise that I rated this high. I am giving the product 5 stars and the vessel 4.

the vessel loses one star because i tend to drip water into it, from showering. By the time I am at the last 1/3 - 1/4 of scrub, it is a thinner, milky consistency. An inverted squeeze tube would be my suggestion. ;-)

So yum! Let me start off by saying that I do not like the scent of vanilla. I always find it to be cheap and artificial smelling; so I contemplated giving it away as a Christmas present. lol. So glad that I ran out of my 'usual' scrub and opened this. The vanilla is authentic, there are bits of vanilla bean seeds mixed in to the scrubbing particles. It mellows the acidity of the bergamot and makes me think of a spring buttercream frosting. The scent is smooth, not overpowering.

I'm generally afraid of shea butter because it usually ends up becoming paste on the bottom of my shower, yet this does not. I'm also not over oiled, my skin has a 'just right' silkiness. I am also able to use it on my pits then follow with deodorant and the deo will dry.

I use an epilator and this scrub keeps my skin smooth and ingrowns at bay by removing dry and dead skin. I highly recommend this scrub for your whole body (not face). It is a moderate grit scrub. It is a splurge for $36 @ 12oz.

My #1 Go-To!

I <3 this shadow soooo much. It is this bright gold, that I pair with black liquid liner and black mascara. Super retro. Super sexy. I'm wearing this combo in my profile pic (not sure if you can tell). I like the fact you can wear Stila shadows wet or dry, so i tend to use them as liners, wet and this one is no exception. Since I am a little older, I use it just above my eyeliner line on my upper lash, and it makes my eyes pop out. My only complaint is: It is one of the 'soft' shadows. literally. (You want to tap your brush on to it, not swipe or you will end up with too much product.) So if you drop this shade or press a tool into it, it will crumble. This is why this product lost a full star.

so yummy i want to drink it

I love this scrub. It's super hard to find local, so i order it from This scrub smells like the real deal and super fresh, not perfumie. It starts off in am amazing consistency but you need to keep in mind, it is a sugar scrub so once you are 2/3 the way done, it starts to become more watery and a little clumpy from your wet hands dipping into the container. My skin is so soft and smells amazing. i just love this product. It's my fave thing from their line. They missed the last 1/2 star because the product isn't the same from start to finish.

makes a mess in the shower

I like the philosophy behind this product a little more then the product its self. Like all 100% pure products, the smell is intoxicating - you do want to eat it.

The scrubbing particles are good and robust and do not dissolve once they hit your moist skin. The downside is, it does leave a brown residue on my kin, so I have to scrub first and wash second. Also, I have to spend a fair amount of time cleaning my shower... it leaves this residue on the floor the is super slippery if you're not careful. I have purchased it twice but i wouldn't go out of my way to buy it as a staple.

I use it every Monday and Thursday!

i have used all of the Turnaround products and this one does not disappoint!! it is so fast, only 5 minutes - and the results are like a 30 minute mask! Since the TAC line is designed to quickly brings new skin cells to the surface and reveal younger looking skin, my moisturizers sink in faster and with less product. I do need to use a warm wet washcloth to remove it. This is a container redesign which is much easier to use the product. Get it - you won't be disappointed.

Another AWESOME Turnaround Product!

The very first ample i used, my husband asked what i was doing differently. Thats how awesome this stuff is!! I noticed that I had to use the soothing cream the first time, not the 2, 3 or 4 but 5 to 8 were a bit intense. I highly recommend this system. it is very easy, goes on once a week in place of your clarifying lotion (or toner if you're non-clinique) and that's it. Top it with your soothing cream and night time moisturizer. No waiting, scrubbing or rinsing. Do NOT overuse this product, it is intense exfoliation! And sunscreen is a MUST!

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