Even Better Makeup SPF 15

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Caitlin D.
Good foundation!

This foundation is medium coverage, it will cover any redness you have, but not huge problem areas. It definitely evens out your skin tone, but since mine has gone too dark for me, it looks a little bit too orange for my face. It is oil free but isn't too matte, it is a satin finish but after a while it does dry into a semi-matte finish. However this is annoying for me because i have normal/dry skin and dry patches are easily shown by a matte finish. So by the end of the day (6 hours?), it has rubbed off in some areas, some redness has shown through, and a few dry patches are showing, but not very noticeable. Overall it is a good foundation for wearing for about 3 hours, anymore time than that it can really start to come off. I would recommend for people with normal/combination skin with a few problem areas. It could work for oily skin but it will most likely come off and you will need to blot/powder throughout the day.

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Rose M.

I've been using this for 4 months now and I haven't even finished it yet! I like how this conceals acne scars really well and doesn't dry out my skin. This product feels so light and is perfect for my sensitive skin. I don't have to use much to get great coverage. I purchased this product due to pink/red scarring on my cheeks due to acne. I have seen a slight improvement in the fading. I use Garnier BB cream first and then apply this product then I set it with a pressed powder. It makes my complexion look phenomenal.

Katie W.
Evens out skin tones & spots

I tried this in Sephora today & fell in love! At 33, my skin coloring & tone isn't as even as it used to be - some little reddish spots, some sun spots, the usual. (Ah, to be 21 again & wear sunscreen!) My current Clinique foundation "Perfectly Real" is great, but doesn't even out the color tone like I want. So I tried this "Even Better" and LOVED IT. It definitely does what it says - and gave me even, *natural* looking skin. It wasn't thick or look like I was wearing foundation. I'm also happy that it's SPF 15 as well... in Florida, that's a big plus. I can't wait to buy this (next paycheck - I'm a tight-budget gal). At $23, it's a REALLY good deal considering most non-drugstore-brand foundations are in the $40 range.

Em D.
Removed Dark Circles and discoloration

This product after maybe a month got rid of the uneven skin tone and dark circles under my eyes! it also is perfect for ultra pale people and helps to not make me look so sickly (:

Nancy-Lee C.
My go-to Liquid

So far, is my favourite liquid foundation. I have been able to continue to use Clinique foundations as my skin has changed over the past 20 years. I have a lot of freckles mixed with sun damage and this has started to make the age spots go away.

Now, I HARDLY wear foundation, I usually only wear powder but this is what I use when I need more coverage than powder and primer offer.

I like the fact this is buildable and does not make me look like I have a mask of makeup on. You see my freckles and it looks natural, most foundations tend to look chalky over my freckles but not this product. It is also matte, so as the owner of an oily t-zone, I am confident that I will not have shine break through 10 minutes after I leave the house.

I use a foundation brush (Lancome) to get it in the creases around my nose and mouth and a sponge to smooth it out but I do not wear it all over, I top it with loose powder. It is long wearing, the colour does not darken over time.

I have just been diagnosed with rosacea, so I will be replacing this with Clinique's Redness Solutions Makeup SPF 15 with Probiotic Technology. I'll let you know what I think!