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Love the Olay

I received a full size Creamy Natural to try and review and it is an excellent product. I am an oily skin, so i'm not the exact target client but I used it for 30 days and this is what I thought.

I like the vessel. It has the product on top and you store your sponge applicator in the base. The foundation goes on very creamy, the serum is cooling, and both products blend easily and look natural. Plus, you can build the coverage as needed. (it never caused blemishes to my oily skin)

The downside, it transfers to everything. My cell phone, sunglasses, scarf.... *sigh* Well, you can't go wrong for the price @ $15, a dry or mature skin will like this.

Fab highlighter

This was the first highlighting product that I purchased. I am so in love with it. I apply it to the top of my cheek bones and blend. I have used this as an eyeshadow as well.

The tube closes tightly so the product will not dry out and since it is in a stick formula is it super easy to apply on the go. I find it is a bit cooling too.. humm... maybe i should put it in the fridge during the Summer!!

Luxor is a iridescent pink with white and silver tones. I will buy again.

Like the product not the price.

I like this. The price, I do not. I am currently using the black, I also own Blue but have yet to try it on . Because I clean my brush before every use, I always start with fresh product and my lashes are separated and lengthened and well coated, the mascara is not globed on. I use one coat wait 2 minutes and apply a second coat to the outside 1/3 only.

So this is my secret to fighting dry out: every day I pull the want out and wipe it off with a piece of TP, clean. Then I dip the wand back into the product and apply.

Let's face it - you (SHOULD) only keep mascara for 3 months, this is a big tube with a lot of product, so if you're emptying this tube with my method and your application prior to 90 days, you're using too much. lol.

At $24 I probably will not rebuy this. I can't justify the results to the cost.

What I use.

This is the brush head that I use. The brush came with the sensitive version and after 70 - 90 days I replaced it with the normal head. The normal version has stiffer bristles - I feel it cleans deeper than the sensitive one.

I am combination with an oily t-zone and I have rosacea - it does not irritate me at all. (I use my own cleanser.) I am due for a refill and will but the 2 pack: 1 brush head is $25 or a 2 pack for $40.

delicious like buttah!

Oh I love thee. I received this as a deluxe sample and I have to say I am hooked. The lotion is thicker, little goes a long way. You wish you could eat it, it smells so yummy. I like the squeeze tube, you can get every drop of product out. It melts into your skin, perfect for Winter. I would rebuy. It's super moisturizing but not greasy. Your skin is supple but the product doesn't sit on top.

I like the texture

This is an expensive scrub: $38. For me it is a budget buster and i'm not sure if it 'works' but it smells good and I really like the thick dryer texture.

I wish this product came in a squeeze tube, since I found that i was dripping water into the vessel during my shower. This was causing the last 1/3 of the product to get more runny and have a different texture. If i could, I would try this on a 3 month period to see if it works but not at this cost.

it works!!

It works, Its not hokey - you have to do it every day, follow the directions, you can actually see the results after about 1 week. You will pee more because you are getting rid of excess fluid. lol - just being honest. I love this tool. If it broke I would buy another in a second.

Intense gel liner

I was uncertain the first time I used one of these. Bronze was the first one I purchased - and not the last. The are super easy to work with, 'creamy'. You can use them as liner, shadow or shadow base. They are long wearing. My biggest complaint is, you have to purchase a brush separately. I will rebuy.


This finishes off to a velvety powder feel. It is non-greasy yet my skin is completely moisturized. The smell is intoxicating. I treasure this lotion. Made from all good-for-you ingredients, the white lotion is housed inside a clear plastic pump bottle.

I wish this line was readily available, I would purchase more of the body care. I would rebuy this again, in a heartbeat. It smells exactly like strawberry lemonade. exactly.

Best organic

I think is a swell eye cream. It is the best Organic product that I have used. It smells amazing, moisturizes without being greasy.

It's made with all good-for-you products. The glass pump container contains white eye cream, that blends in completely. I find that only 1/2 pump is enough for both eyes. My only real complaint is both times I purchased this, the product outlasted the expiry date. Also, It is not readily available - I have to order it online.

I would buy again if my current choice was no longer available.

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