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Old skool

The original eyeshadow base! I haven't used this in a few years but it has been around for ever. It is a crease-proof creamy shadow, that you can use alone or as a shadow base. The colours are neutral so you can build your look on top. The remove easily but they will dry out if you do not use them often and keep the compact tightly closed. I hate putting my fingers in product - I wish Clinique would make these in a tube with a wand applicator. It's a good product but there is newer technology out there.

Yes, it's thats good

This is my favorite body lotion. It keeps winter skin at bay and sets the tone for my self taner to be steak free since it is the perfect exfoliater. This white cream is fragrance free, like all Clinique's products. It is thicker than a lotion, but blends in well, leaving skin moist not greasy. I use an epilater on my legs and this cream keeps a handle on ingrowns, too.

I'm never without it - I highly recommend this cream, for all skin types.

The button ruined the product

I used their original product for years. Then it was gone, like all good things. Then it came back - in this sleek copper can. Yet the button makes it next to impossible to spray the product out. I have never been so disappointed in an ancillary product before. One poor design flaw ruined this entire product.

It is supposed to be a continuous spray so you can spray this can upside down. The product I did get out was a nice colour, not the same as the original, and it was streaky because it took so long to spray. I ended up with more product on my fingers than my legs.

Skip this product.

Don't leave home wihtout it!

It is the only facial suntan lotion that I can use that does not break me out. I use it every day. SPF is the best anti-aging tool. It does not run out of the tube - it has a nice consistency and blends in clean, I never feel it on my face. I have repurchased twice. SPF is a MUST have NOT a nice to have!

not for me

I do have rosacea and thought this would be super gentle and relieve some of my redness in my cheeks except it doesn't work for my lifestyle. I use a Clarisonic and this does not sud. So I found myself overusing the product to achieve the results I thought I should have.

This is an excellent product for someone with super sensitive skin who will take their makeup off by using this product with cotton rounds and rinse with water.

I personally will not buy again.

a 15 minute miracle.

If you have oily skin or you are blemish / acne prone, this is the mask for you. It is a white clay gift from the heavens. It fights the pimples you have and deep cleans your pores to help prevent more.

It dries super fast, about 10 - 15 minutes and you just rinse it off and towel dry. I follow with my moisturizer and use once or twice a week. I have used this on my upper back, where I tend to break out during my period as well as a facial spot treatment rather then an all-over mask.

It never burns or stings. the inverted squeeze tube allows you to get to every drop of product. I love it, I have used it for about 14 years. I highly recommend it. It sells for around $19 and should last a year.

My night cream

I love this moisturizer. It is my night cream, step 3. I like the squeeze tube vessel, it allows me to get every drop of product out. It is a lightweight moisturizer and as an oily skin, this night cream never feels greasy when I wake up in the morning. My skin perked up once I started to use this. It is a staple in my skincare cabinet. My TurnAround Concentrate and Laser Repair just melt in to this moisturizer. It's a must buy.

Excellent Makeup Remover

Use a tiny mount of this mouse cleanser to remove your facial makeup, even waterproof foundation, easily, in one step. This is a makeup remover, the Facial Soaps are designed to cleanse the skin after the makeup is removed.

If you are a dry skin, this might feel like it is too drying for you, oily skins will like how quickly foundation is removed. Not for the eye area.

Step 4 - MUST HAVE

If you use the 3 Step skincare system then you MUST add this! It is step 4 in my nighttime treatment. As an exfoliater, it will work best at night as your cells regenerate.

It is in a blue transparent pump vessel. You can clearly see how much product is remaining to make planning rebuy easier. CON: you have to finish this product, upside down. The pump can no longer siphon serum once there is about 1/3 - 1/4 product remaining. (the reason this product looses 1/2 a star).

The white creamy serum is like liquid velvet. I love the way my skin feels when I apply it. One pump does my face, neck and back of my hands. You will start to notice your cotton round darken as you use your clarifying lotion - it's able to sweep away more dead skin cells thanks to the exfoliating properties of TAC.

This is a staple in my skincare cabinet, I will never be without!

I stuff everyones stocking with it!

This is the ultimate balm. I think I might be addicted to it! I give it to everyone I know for Christmas! It is so moisturizing, never sticky or gummy. It never runs off your lips and I never feel like it is coating the front of my teeth. It's perfect for these crazy Winters and sunburned Summers. I like the squeeze tube, I can get every last drop of product out. It is worth every penny of the $12 price tag. I highly recommend it.

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