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old stock?

I bought this during a trend show in March '10. The mascara seemed a bit dried out and the Greek Holiday gloss was more 'tacky' then other shimmer glosses that I have purchased from NARS. The Illuminator was the real reason that I purchased this kit and I love it. The makeup bag is a decent size too, which is a nice bonus and can be washed if you have makeup spill.

I have read other reviews on this kit and they all say the same thing: great illuminator and the mascara seemed dried out. I wouldn't by the kit again, just the products individually.

prime AFTER you prep

I LOVE this primer. It is the only product that I have tried that does not make my foundation feel like it is sliding off of my face. I hardly wear foundation, hardly, but on the days I do I always Prep then Prime and I only use NARS. This product is not slimy feeling, it doesn't smell and a little goes a long way.

There is an SPF version of this too, which I have sampled and I really like, but I use straight SPF face by Clinique, so I'll stick with the original.

If you have tried other primers and don't get what they hype is all about - try this. You'll see.

prep before prime!

yes. if you want the best look, you prep then prime. i use this all over and the primer in my t-zone. now, I hate putting my fingers inside products - I think it is unsanitary and you can cross contaminate - but i make an exception for this product. ;-)

My skin is very matte and smooth. i have dry patches by my jaw and and i'm oily with large pores on my cheeks, this product melds my skin to one consistent surface.

I rarely wear foundation, so I do find myself reapplying this because it feels so goooood! On the days I am wearing foundation, my makeup lasts longer plus it does not feel like it is sliding or settling. I highly recommend it - I will rebuy.

Best illuminator that I have used!

I am super pale, I do not wear foundation (!) and I want to be sun-kissed like everyone else but not look like I am wearing a cosmetic version of Orange-glo. I bought this in a kit with greek holiday gloss and mascara...

oh my! I mix a SMALL amount with my Clinique DDMG and apply all over. I look glowy not glittery. I also use it on my shins as a highlighter, my collar bone, shoulders... a little goes a long way. you do not need to use a lot of this product.

I am a little 'over' all of the Orgasm products but I have to say this is top notch and worth a try. It works well on all skin tones. It has never caused breakouts and blends very well. It is weightless, so I never feel like I have additional product on my skin.

I will buy this as long as NARS makes it. The squeeze tube makes sure you are able to use every last drop as well, so no product waste.

(If i want super duper shimmer, I top it off with Stila's 24k loose powder.)

The best retractable!

This review is for "Naked Rose", which I do not see listed. This is the best retractable liner that I have used and I have tried several: such as Clinique and Lancome.

This goes on velvety smooth, it does not drag and is not drying. This colour works well with my natural lip colour, which is dusty pink, so I can use this with EVERYTHING and my lip stick stays longer and truer. The reason I gave it a full 5 star is because I can fill in my lips and top it with gloss only and the gloss does not run off my lips.

I prefer retractable pencils because you do not need to travel with a sharpener but lets face the truth - you get more product with a real pencil. This is one of those cases where I choose convenience over cost per use.


I love this! It is the only MAC skincare item that I own and I take it everywhere. Literally, everywhere. I do not wear foundation, only SPF and some loose powder, this is so refreshing. I look dewy not oily. I love the smell and how it does not make my eye makeup run - it is just a mist, so i can reapply a few times a day. I feel awoken, like an espresso for the skin!

I love the idea of using it as a mixing agent - I will do that too

A great product

This is easy to use and it does not dry out my brushes. It works very quickly at removing all traces of makeup and leaves a clean not chemically smell. This is my always go to brush cleaner.

Like everyone else, I transferred it to a spray bottle. That is why it lost 1/2 a star, because the cap causes you to waste product. And since i already had a spray bottle from my Clinique brush cleaner, I used that.

Super sexy!

Viva Glam VI - Luster Lipstick. This is my absolute favourite lipstick. I am on my second tube. I can't get enough. I also purchased and top it with the LipGlass of the same name. This is my first Viva Glam purchase and it will not be my last!

The lipstick is so smooth and creamy. It does not have a taste or odor not does either of these products run. I wear a lot of lipstick and talk all day long, and they do not gum up either. Both stay super creamy and rich.

want them all!

I own 5 MAC lipsticks. I love them ALL. they go on smooth and creamy, the colour is true. They do not have a taste or odor. And at $14.50, they are reasonably priced (for dept store).

Love it!

I only own Onyx. I LOVE it. It took me a few tries but after I got the right smoky look. It is smooth gliding, you do not want to press when you are applying this, you will snap the tip off. I highly recommend it. It lost 1 star because it does not come with a sharpener.

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