All About Eyes Rich


Gilda A.
Good moisturizer

It's a good moisturizer, but you cant wear it during the day because it is very rich and takes a long time to soak into your skin. I haven't repurchased it after i finished the tub.

Myranda B.
Absolutely perfect.

Totally moisturizing & soft. It makes my eyes feel so refreshed! The product is smooth & soft. Really makes a difference on lines & puffiness. I definitely noticed a big difference after a week of consistent use.

Meaghan S.
Super thick and rich for under eyes

Ammazing!!! My skin is dry and my under eye area gets sooo dry in the winter time, and this stuff is non greasy and soaks in perfectly, the only think that might make me not want to buy this again is the price... yikes..

Morgan B.
Very good for nighttime

I use this cream at night, after applying every man jack eye cream as a base. By itself, it's good for moisture and puffiness but doesn't do a thing for my dark circles, but mixing it with the every man jack eye cream makes it a perfect nighttime eye cream.

Patricia A.

This is one of the products you use once and you fall in love with. It's absolutely refreshing and really makes a difference on your eye area. It's light, non greasy and feels awesome. The price you pay for it is worthy!

Lisa S.

I have been using AAE for years since I was 21. I am nearing 30 this year and safe to say I am happy with the appearance of my eye area. I worked for clinique for 6 years and this was always my go to eye cream. I do like the gel version of this better for the summer in FL but either one is fantastic.

Michelle B.

My mom gave me this because she never used it. I have hereditary, puff-free undereye circles, and although I wouldn't say this reduces the look, it makes my eyes look more awake and radiant, so you don't quite notice the circles. It has a nice, creamy consistency that's quick-absorbing and non-greasy. I alternate between this and Lancome Rénergie Microlift Eye.

Hattisha W.

Yessssss!!!!! Is all I really have to say about this product lol. I have naturally puffiness under my eyes and years on years of squinting has left me with a few little lines under there as well :( After using this eye cream for 3 months I can honestly say that is has definitely reduced the puffiness of my under eye are and Im also noticing that my little lines have become waaaay less noticeable!! I would defintely recommend this to anyone with or without undereye puffiness/dark circles whatever! Its extremely moisturizing which is exactly what that area needs to look its best. Love it.

Panya J.

I've used this product for two years now. Works pretty well. I usually keep mine in the refridgerator. It seems to work better when it cold. I don't have lines YET but It does help reduce the puffiness under my eyes in the morning. Note: Try applying at night. I noticed less puffiness in the morning.

Brittinay F.
Have crowfeet like me? LOOK HERE

I am only 22 & I have crowfeet/under eye lines. I hate it! But that is what I get for not using sunblock while growing up on the river. Anyway...this stuff INSTANTLY hydrates my eye area all day. Goes on smooth and doesnt feel oily. I wont say that it removes my lines, but it definitely reduces the chance of them getting worse or getting more! I recommend this product 110% no doubt