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best product ever!

i have been a loyal clinique skin care user for 20 years! no joke - i started when i was 15. i waited and waited for a version of DDML that oily skins could use - i bought this the day it came out and will not use anything else. I think this is the best moisturizer for oily and combination skin types. The only reason that it missed out on that last 1/2 star is the vessel. once you get to the last 1/4 of product, it no longer syphons out via the pump - you have store the jar on it's side and do the 'pinky plunge'. That's where you have to unscrew the top and stick your pinky in to retrieve the last bit of product. lol

A spa visit in 5 minutes!

This is another amazing bliss product. I use it 3 times a week in the morning and i look so awake, so refreshed. my skin is very clean, clear, bright and youthful. I like hoe fresh i look so much, i only top off with powder, not foundation. I highly recommend it!

i'm on my 5th jar!

i will not buy anything else. this is the most amazing product that i have ever used on my eyes. it does not run, it is not greasy, it sinks right in to my skin providing the perfect amount of moisture. it is super expensive and i don't need to look younger but i use this as a preventative measure. trust me, this is worth every penny. and it is a big jar, you use a little in the morning and evening and it will lasts about 4 months!

helps control oily t-zone

This is a nice milky cleanser. It doesn't strip the skin or over moisturize. i have combo skin, with an oily t-zone and this is the fantastic cleanser. i use it with my clairsonic morning and night.

boost your moisturizer

this is good. it fooled me at first - it looked real greasy, but after a minute or so, my skin was matte and not paste white, so i added powder on top. i like it better mixed with my foundation, rather then one on top of the other. I have not re-purchased this product. i only rated it with 3/2 stars because like all Bliss products, I have to go through a terrible breakout period. HATE THAT!

i have never been so disappointed

wow. i ran in bought this tore the package open, put it on and walked straight back inside and returned it. i didn't like the consistency nor the colour and i like all stila lovers, LOVE kitten. oh well.

one stick multiple uses

i have used several of these convertible sticks, they help you smudge and smoke your eye or plainly give you shadow and liner in one tube. t the pencil side is mechanical so you do not need a sharpener and the shadow side has the shadow in the cap, with foam applicator that you can wash with brush cleaner - especially after this set: black liner and white shadow. if you're afraid of the kajal liner - this is a good introductory.


Nars Bad Education is a sexy sheer red with a light glimmer shine. super hot! i had 4 people ask me what i was wearing the first day i wore it out! if you have always wanted a red but are too afraid, this is the one for you. it is a perfect tone for every skin type. These glosses keep my lips super moist, even the ones with the shimmer. NARS glosses are all non-sticky and they do not feather. i now own 5. if they weren't so pricey i would buy the whole collection!

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