Take The Day Off Makeup Remover For Lids, Lashes & Lips


Seu Mei F.

Easily removes my waterproof mascara without leaving panda eyes. And no need to go back after cleansing to remove any remaining eye makeup because it just gets the job done the first time! Especially since removing makeup is my least favorite part of my night routine, this hassle-free remover makes the process easier and is definitely worth it. Love it!

Patricia S.
Heavy Makeup? No Problem

I just started using this less than a week ago but i'm hooked. Even gave it a go with a smokey eye today and it wiped clean off with little effort. My new favorite remover.

Rebakah G.
Love it!

This is my go to remover. Doesn't irritate my eyes and removes very well. Great product. I love most of the Clinique skin care line. I don't find this oily at all

Sarah M.

It takes off my eyemakeup but it takes a lot to get it off AND it leaves my skin feeling super duper oily and I hate that it is a very gross feeling don't really care fore the smell mine has either I got it for Christmas in the Fall in Love with Color Collection and this is the only thing I refuse to use completely.... It's a little more than halfway gone and I hate it so much I'll probably just throw the rest of the way... It leaves me feeling gross and I dislike that and it stings my eyes if it gets in.. and I have to wash my face like 3 times to get that gross feeling to go away It does remove my makeup though

Tyni R.
No sting and removes make up

I think Clinique is a good brand because it's hypoallergenic and its make up remover does the job well.

It doesn't sting my eyes even if I just generously swipe and rub the product (on a cotton ball) on my eye lids and lash lines. This is a good "eraser" to use and have by your side when using pencil / liquid / gel liner.

Natalie C.
I Pass On This

While I don't wear a lot of eyeshadow, I do wear mascara quite often and I also get eyelash perms so eye makeup removers have to be gentle. This product is NEITHER gentle or effective. It stings my eyes, I do have sensitive eyes, and it doesn't get all the mascara off. You should always be gentle and never scrub your eyes, so if my mascara isn't completely gone with a few swipes, it gets returned. Even more so if stings my eyes. Also, this product leaves a silky film that only seems to be removed if I wash my face.

Italia D.

this is a great makeup remover. you have to shake it well before you use it since there's oil and water in it. it works especially well to take off waterproof eyemakeup. it's not the best remover for cleaning up makeup mistakes (as you're doing your makeup) as it will take everything off that's under that spot.

Sammi W. Team
best eye makeup remover

I am addicted to this remover and stock up on it! I highly recommend buying because it's the best!! It's oil based, and thus no tugging your delicate eyeskin. I usually put a couple dabs on a cotton pad and hold it over my eyemakeup for a couple seconds before swiping it across the lid. Even though it's more pricey than the neutrogena remover/ drugstore brand removers, you can buy it and get the free gift sets, and beauties, think: what is the cost of a wrinklefree face when you're 50? yeaaa... thought so.

Connie Y.
pretty good

This makeup remover does an amazing job removing your makeup. Probably because this is an oil based. I would sometimes get this in my eyes and it would blur out my vision so be careful when using this!!

Rachel F.
Great for contact lens wearers!

I used Neutrogena's product for a long time, and even though it got the job done, my eyes were very sensitive to it. I typically had to take my contacts out just to remove my eye makeup because of a nasty film that was left over. Plus, it left an oily residue on my lids even after cleansing.

I received a sample of this, and I absolutely love it! The texture is much lighter and not as oily. It definitely does a great job at removing my waterproof eyeliner with just a swipe from a cotton ball. What I really love is that it doesn't irritate my eyes and contacts, so this one is definitely a keeper!