7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse-Off Formula

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Michelle B.
Worth the $20

My roommate introduced this to me at one time, and I kept secretly using it until I invested in my own. $20 for me was a bit to spend on an exfoliant -- what, with Apricot Scrub on the market! -- but this stuff had my face glowing. I have combination skin, and I felt that it helped even me out some. (that statement isn't regulated by the FDA!) Worth a shot for anybody. I enjoy a few Clinique products, and I recommend them.

Manina B.

almost perfect!I really like it because it works for every skin type.the feeling when finished the peeling is really fresh and clean.the results are me,it's almost as good as the professional exfoliators.

Natalie C.
Exfoliates and Hydrates

I love that this exfoliator hydrates as much as it gets rid of dead skin. It says you can just tissue off the product after you've exfoliated, but my skin isn't that dry during the summer, so it just makes my skin oily if I don't wash it off. This is a great winter exfoliator for me because my skin is much drier during those months.

Brittinay F.
Better then most

I have had a hard time finding and exfoliant that did not make me break out or dry out my skin. This product can be used daily without making me dry out, which says a lot because I have pretty dry skin most of the time. The tiny little beads which more so feels like tiny grains of sugar DEF take away any flakey skin I may have without rubbing my face raw lol.

K M.
I love it!

This product leaves skin soft without it being dry and horrid. It was my mums but I stole it from her haha. I use it once a week as I'm only 14. I also have sensitive skin, and this product has caused no problems whatsoever!

Anna S.
I love this, noticed a huge difference in 1 week.

Seriously this has made my skin amazing. I have only been using this for 2.5 weeks and my skin is flake free. I will buy bottle after bottle, I use this just about every day and it doesn't make my skin sensitive or red afterwards

Eloise W.
I absolutely LOVE this scrub!

It's like a spa treatment for your face in the comfort of your bathroom. Nothing makes your skin feel as tingly clean and light than this scrub. I use it before my 3-step which makes my skin more receptive to everything from the Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel, to the 2 or 3 other products I use after. Other scrubs make my skin red and I tend to get more oily, but not with 7DS. I have oily/combination skin and I find that with regular use (3 times per week) my skin is not as oily at the end of the day, even after using the oily Youth Surge day cream. I highly recommend Clinique 7 Day Scrub!

Julie A.
Amazing scrub!!

I recieved a sample of this from Sephora a few months ago and instantly fell in love. The scrubbing beads are very gentle, yet effective enough to remove dead skin and make your face feel soft and silky! I have dry/combo skin and am able to use this about 3-4x a week. It doesn't leave my face feeling dry and has seriously reduced my tzone breakouts (I went 2 1/2 months without a single zit!!). Plus, like many other clinique products this one is very affordable and costs about $18. Thats half the price of my previous scrub from Skinceuticals! LOVE LOVE LOVE this!

Nancy-Lee C.
i'm addicted

I have used this scrub for at least 15 years. I love it. I do not use it all 7 days, but you could. (you have to work up to it over a 2 month period)

LOVE IT! I use it 3 times a week (sometimes, just my t-zone to keep it clean). The scrubbing particles are 100% perfectly round, so it will NOT scratch your face. You use a small amount, it rinses off clean, I use it before my 3 step and do not find scrubbing particles in my hairline. I highly recommend this facial scrub and wouldn't buy anything else. You can use this year round.