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Their #1 scent

It smells like fresh picked mango. Real not an imitation scent. This is GB's #1 selling scent. The lotion melts into the skin cleanly, you are moisturized but not greasy. It is not my favourite, I like almond but I gift this often.


I bought a tube of this and the red holiday bling a year or two ago. I really liked it. It plumped my lips, they did not burn. The applicator was comfortable. The gloss was easy to wear, it didn't bleed or run. The red was long wearing too. I just can't justify $50 for one product! I would like to rebuy but it is out of my price range.

BEST OTC colour I have ever used

The bottom 1/3 of my hair is darker then the rest, from my days of being blond. That length grabbed this dark colour and is holding on for dear life, so now I take additional time and only colour the top 2/3 of my hair. I leave it on for an additional 15 minutes, instructions per my stylist!

My hair is amazing. It is so soft, the colour is so lush and true. My hair is very shiny, smells clean and looks like I just spent $300 at the salon. I have very long, thick hair. I used to buy 4 - 5 OTC boxes like Feria, the Fekkai colour contains more product per box, so i can get away with 1 boxes (remember, i only colour 2/3 of my hair) @ $30. Plus NO odor.

The downside to the product is you have to order it online, so a few months ago I forgot to order a box on time and I ran out and bought feria. BIG mistake! It went from dark brown to washed out red in less then 2 weeks. UGG. My roots were red and the section of previous dyed hair was dull, flat. *sigh* Now I am a true believer as to what a high quality product this is. My next box is on it's way!

Love it

I really like this base coat. I wear 99% OPI but I scored this base coat at an overstock sale and I have fallen in love! It goes on easy, the brush is easy to hold and control. It will not dry blue on your nails nor will it change the colour you're trying to achieve. It also dries fast so you can put your colour on quickly. I would buy this again.

Miracle Cream

True story: I didn't know the 'real' name of this product until '09. I remember this jar from my grandmothers vanity when I was a child. Only, it was called Miracle cream. Grandma thought it fixed everything. And she was right.

It is petrolatum based in a near solid butter-like state. Meaning it isn't soft like vaseline nor will it pour from the vessel (unless heated) you do not dig into this product you just rub your finger on top and apply to the area requiring treatment.

I use this on my dry lips, cuticles, elbows, knees, heels and tattoos to name a few. I was so excited when this came back out in a jar, it used to be in a metal toothpaste-like tube. You could never use all of the product because of the creases and folds in the metal tube. I hope this vessel is here to stay!

It is a little jar, only about 2" in diameter. I have had mine for a year, and it use it every day and i still have 2/3 of he product remaining. A little goes a loooong way. I will rebuy as long as EA makes this product!

An amazing oil

I love this sooo much. It solidifies, so I run hot water from my faucet to melt some the product. I just pour it in my hand and apply it everywhere - body skin, cuticle moisturizer, the ends of my hair...

The smell of plumeria intoxicating. This is a mellow scented oil so you can add your favourite fragrance on top. It's super moisturizing but not greasy. A little goes a long way - you can always add more!! It makes a great base for applying shimmer powder to your legs and arms, it give the shimmer staying power.

The vessel is glass with a small silver screw cap. At $48 it's not cheap but I have had mine for a year. I will rebuy.

I say hello, you say goodbye!

I own 5 of these. I couldn't resist - they are only $8 for a duo! The sticks are thick, so they are easy to hold and control. I like the pointed tip on the liner end, it's simple precision. You can blend them too, so you can create your own colour combinations. They are great for travel because you don't have to worry about a powder breaking in your makeup bag.

Now for my con: They do not stick around very long. Even with an eyeshadow primer, they find a way to work off of my lids and in to my crease fast. super frustrating. I will not rebuy.

Lacks staying power

I own 4 of these. They are a super shiny, they feel so good on your lips, they do not run but they don't stay either! They have a super wide, suede-like applicator, that you want to use. The colours are great, They are fairly sheer but not transparent. I'm sure I will buy new colours this Summer!

Dried out FAST!

i was so excited to find this! I used to use the Stila liner that looks exactly like this but alas, they discontinued it. So I spot this at Target and LOVED how smoothly it went on. I was able to easily control it and build the line to the right thickness and it was long lasting yet easy to remove.

And 3 weeks later it was totally dried up. Lid tight. Dried out. *Sigh* So i'm torn. I do not know if I will rebuy, even though it was so cheap @ $5! Perhaps I should give it one more chance.

Great around flakes!

I have a full size of Light. I really like this concealer. I use a concealer brush to apply (Sonia Kashuk #14, Target) around my nose, mouth and any blemishes flaking off. The Olay serum does not dry and cake onto any flaky skin that I have, It helps moisturize and smooth. I like to use it on blemishes, It has never caused breakouts, it has just aided in coverage. An older or dry skin will love this. It's a great price @ $12 The concealer does not transfer the same way the foundation does.

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