Pore Minimizer T-Zone Shine Control


Nancy-Lee C.
yeah, it's that good

I have a super shiny, oily t-zone and I hardly wear foundation - this was made for me!

It is lightly flesh toned but blends in clear. The product goes on like a cream to powder finish. My skin looks so even and smooth and my pores are non-existent. It keeps the shine at bay for hours and is my secret weapon as to why I do not wear foundation. (But you could).

It is a nice sized squeeze tube, easy to use and clean. You do have to squeeze the product out, it is not runny.

I use this after my 3-step, and top with powder blusher and loose powder. I have many visible freckles and this melts in clear and does not look chalky on my skin. It is a staple in my makeup case and I am never without it. This is a top recommendation from me.

4/22/11 Please note: This product has been reformulated and is now available in a green tube. It is even better than this pink tube version... so I guess that makes it 5 1/2 stars! ;-)

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Lauren H.
Great for sensitive skin!

I have used this in the past as a mattefier for my oily skin. Clinique is a great line for those who have sensitive skin. Try this product. You'll like it!

Kiki C.
Great primer and a great price

I think I've tried every primer on the market. My skin is very oily in the t zone and dry everywhere else; super convenient. This product glides over rough patches, fills in pores and really keeps oils at bay. I wouldn't say you'll be shine free all day but I get a good 6 hours without touch ups. After that, I choose to embrace the shine through.

Mariana E.

It is really nice and interestingly stops my forehead and nose from being super oily. Pore-size is hidden.

I have large pores and it does the job to hide them very nicely. Results are not permanent of course, but I really appreciate the effect it gives my skin.

Tshering Y.
It's a great product for instantly fixing pores!

It does minimise the appearance of pores and helps my tone stay matte for a long time! However it is merely a fix product and so does not help minimise pores over time but only covers them up!