Acne Solutions Post Blemish Formula


Mary K.
I like it!

I received this for Xmas last year and thought it worked really well! It didn't last very long though which was unfortunate. The one think about post-acne marks is that they fade over time anyways so it's hard to tell if the treatment actually worked or if it was just time but it seemed like it really helped! I'd be interested in seeing other peoples reviews!

Elaina Y.

This was a really expensive product and you really don't get much from it. I have normal skin and I get the occasion breakout, at the time when I tried this product I had most of my break out around my forehead area. I found that it did work but not all the time. I guess the product's result really depended on what kind of blemish you had. It took a really long time to fade the marks that some blemishes left behind, specially if that previous blemish had left a deeper mark. The problem I had with this formula was that it takes too long and that there isn't enough formula in the stick to really help your marks heal. This was something that I did purchase twice, but even if my last one I have find something better and cheaper to use instead.

Nancy-Lee C.
Redundant but works well

As a post blemish product for lightening the discolorations pimples leave, it works well.

The vessel has a clicking rotating base that you turn to dispense the product, which is a white cream. Crank out a small amount and use the actual vessel to apply the product to the area you're treating.

I would usually reapply once during the day and found it never over-dried my skin.

I do use Turn Around Concentrate nightly, so this can be a redundant exfoliator, I felt it just stepped up my spot treatment.

I have not repurchased since I started using a prescription topical from my dermatologist. I'm not sure if I would rebuy since Even Better launched.