Liquid Facial Soap


Ariane C.

I cannot live without this cleanser. I don't know how I ever survived without it to be honest. I have sensitive, dry combination skin and I use the oily formula.

A few years ago when I was 19, I stopped taking a certain medication and a constellation of acne formed on my forehead and it only got worse when I moved to Nicaragua. In Nicaragua, I had to use a lot of sun screen (which breaks me out like crazy) and I was exposed to dirt and dust a lot more. I tried a multitude of cleansers from different brands but nothing worked.

When I turned 20 I figured I should try Clinique because it has such a great reputation for working on sensitive skin. I was recommended the oily formula by the lady who worked at the counter. She told me to use it twice a day.

After three days of using this cleanser twice a day, the acne I had been struggling with for a year had completely disappeared. I now only use it once a day, in the morning when I'm in the shower. If I'm having a skin crisis I go back to using it twice a day. I'm now almost 22 and my acne has stayed away thanks to the continuous use of this product.

It doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. It leaves a really fresh and clean feeling after rinsing. It really just cleans it but does not strip it. I can't believe the difference in my skin since I started using it. It's my holy grail!!!

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Domi J.
Cleanser for days

I have to say this is the best cleanser I have tried. It really does its job. I have comb-oliy skin and this doesn't make my face dry and stiff. Which I have had a lot of cleansers do. It makes my skin soft and helps stop my break outs. This is step 1 of the 3 step process and they really all go hand in hand. All you need is a full pump in your hand to do the job. For the price and size you cant do wrong. I love that the cap also turns to open and close. Thats perfect for travel!

TIP: If you are traveling make sure to pack this in something that wont get banged up and hit a lot. My cap broke and it was all over my bag. :(... putting it in a plastic bag will help also.

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Nancy-Lee C.
BEST cleanser ever!

I LOVE THIS!! I have used Clinique's 3-Step since I was 15. I have always had a love / hate relationship with the bar of facial soap - half way through it smelled gross. it looked gross. it was, in fact, gross.

This cleanser will not strip your skin, where it feels tight, but cleanse it thoroughly. I use it with my Clairsonic. I have used both the Mild and the Oily version. I love them equally. The non-drying formula rinses off cleanly.

Use a full pump and follow with your Clarifying lotion and DDML/G. My skin felt normal for the first time after this product came out, it wasn't on the yo-yo on too oily or too stripped. It was just right!

I only use this cleanser, so I highly recommend it. The vessel is super easy to use, it dispenses the right amount of product, you can see if you are running low for replacement and the top locks shut for traveling.

Remember, this is a facial cleanser, not a makeup remover. If you wear heavy foundation, choose a makeup remover first and follow it with this product. One removes makeup, one cleans the skin.

*TIP: apply this to dry skin (avoid eye area) the product will break down dirt super fast then add water to create an emollient and the soap bubbles will lift dirt and debris away.

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Nikki Z.
HG Face Wash

So I really wanted this last year when I tried a deluxe sample of it and I was so impressed at how much my skin seemed BETTER right away. So I immediately got the full size and I haven't looked back since. I use this with Garnier's The Brusher cleanser (get it wet and pump a bit of this on top) and buff it onto my face and it's so soft and gentle on your skin. Love it.

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Fifi D.
Great Makeup Remover

Okay, not really meant to remove makeup but I was impressed. I got foundation matched at Clinque and got one of these as a sample. After a while the makeup started to bother me (probably something on the brush used to apply it) and I decided to wash off some of it with the sample soap in the store bathroom. I was impressed. My foundation melted away and left my skin clean. Later on I cleaned my skin again with my Clarisonic and not a trace of orange was left on my brush. I will definitely buy a full size when I need more face wash.

Kat S.
This changed my life

My face is so much softer cleaner and nicer since I started using this about a month ago my face is perfect and as smooth as a baby's butt, just kidding but this stuff is fabulous

Kayla E.

I love this product! I had all of these splotches everywhere on my face. And a lot of bumps. They were ALL gone in a few weeks. Haven't stopped using this product since.

Lindsay H.
Love this

I absolutely love this product I've used it for a year now and I get less breakouts than before

After I use it my face feels so refreshed, smooth and clean It helped me with the amount of oil my face produced and is just a wonderful product

Patricia S.
Smooth Sailing

What a great cleanser for my sensitive skin. This has cleared up my mild acne completely, de-oiled my t-zone, and gave my skin a lovely glow. Consider me hooked.

Stephanie C.
#1 facial cleanser

Hands down the best facial cleanser I've used. I've been using it for years and not once have I had a major breakout. Great product to remove eye makeup, especially mascara. I love this product and this well always be my #1 facial cleanser!