Skincare Brush - BCA Pink


Tessa N.
Here's the scoop

Many of my clients who suffer from acnaic skin said after using this product their skin actually got worse HOWEVER it turns out that this is because they were using it one to three times daily.

Here's the thing. Most skin types can not handle that much exfoliation. Exfoliation is meant to be a three times per week sort of thing. Too much exfoliation causes your skins protective barrier to strip and actually produce double the amount of oil that it would normally produce in order to make up for what you're robbing it of.

This is a fantastic product if used properly.

Jen C.
Skin care necessity.

After begging, my boyfriend had bought me this at Sephora for my 22nd birthday (2010). I've read and watch tons of reviews on this thing being a miracle worker - it shrank pores, it cleared skin of acne, it evened out complexions, it diminished fine lines, it erased hyperpigmentation, discolorations, and scarring, etc. For me, it didn't do any of that.

But here's what it does do for me: It smoothes my skin's texture for soft, velvety skin. It cleanses my pores of dirt, oils, and makeup. It leaves me feeling squeaky clean. I experience less breakouts than before I started using Clarisonic. It leaves my face looking bright and youthful. It is by no means a miracle, but I can honestly tell you that this is the best shape my skin has been in since my pregnancy.

In high school I had pretty good skin. Since being pregnant with my daughter my skin hasn't been on its best behavior. I've been breaking out a lot more, thus gaining some new "friends", a gang actually called acne scarring on the left side of my face. Part of it is my fault for picking on them, I should have just left them alone, maybe they wouldn't have branded me when they left so I wouldn't forget.

Overall, this tool is definitely a staple in my skin care routine. I have tough skin, so I use this with the brush head for normal skin. I love my Clarisonic, and when it has vibrated its last minute of cleansing, I will definitely buy a new one. :)

Sonya H.
Skin feels great!

I use this at night, after removing my makeup, with my cleanser. It makes your face feel so soft and clean, and it helps to minimize your pores. I could not do without this product. I have it in pink, and Linda has the cheetah print (bought hers at Sephora).

Arielle K.

I absolutely love the Clarisonic! It really cleans deep down in my pores and gets my skin so clean! It's too harsh for me to use morning and night so i use it just at night and I find that it also helps any products I put on my face after sink in and really absorb in my skin. The only down side is the period right when you start using it. Personally, my skin had a bad reaction and got really flaky and dry and everything under the skin came to the surface. That's when I started using it just at night and it's perfect for me!

Soma S.
This makes my cleansing routine something to look forward to!

I don't know how I lived without one for so long. I thought it was just a fancy gimmick at first: a toothbrush for your face... but if you think about it, you don't brush your teeth with your fingers to get your teeth its cleanest now, do you? =P

This clever little device handles my dry flakey skin [thanks, winter!] when I normally have oily/combo skin. It's like a game to keep up with the beeps to switch spots on your face, and after it's all done, I get tempted to do a second cycle because I think I may have missed a spot, but the first cycle is all you need for a clean face.

The facewash/body wash I've given to the bf. I had a really bad reaction from trying to find a blush/contouring product that wouldn't break me out, and I've been trying to recover from the tiny little bumps all over my face for almost two months now. Once I added the Clarisonic to my 10% BP facewash, it kicked it into high gear, and now only 50% of the affected area remains broken out. That being said after only a WEEK of usage.

I leave my Clarisonic on my vanity to charge because I don't dare leave it in the bathroom that I share w/ my boyfriend. [boys are dirty... well, mine is at least.] and I know when it's time to cleanse, I pick up my Clarisonic for a date in the bathroom.

Wasn't the biggest fan of the pink [my gadget was gifted to me], but once I found it supported breast cancer awareness w/ my purchase, it won it's way into my hands and heart that much faster.

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Nancy-Lee C.
An investment worth every penny!

I purchased this at Sephora, specifically because it was the BCA model. It comes with the sensitive brush head which I think is a good starter brush, after 90 days I replaced it with the normal brush head. *I now replace my brush head every 70 days - I think 90 is too long, I feel the brush start to soften, like when you need to change your toothbrush.

I did not use the provided facial washes, I use Clinique Facial Soap Mild, exclusively, so I can not comment on any of those products.

This brush is amazing. My skin was visibly cleaner after the first use. It was super soft and smooth, there wasn't a trace of makeup or residue of SPF lingering. When I used my moisturizer, I noticed a completely different feel - it actually melted into my skin, not just sitting on top. Since this polishes as you work it along a specific and timed pattern, it removes all loose dead skin. This enable your skincare products to work more efficiently and consistently because they're not fighting with dead skin cells and dry patches. I discovered that I was using less of my moisturizers and serums, since they just melted in. My face always looks radiant and I'm proud to show off my skin.

It is super simple to use, your face is divided into a quad and you follow the beeps to move to your next quad. It takes less than 2 minutes.

My ONLY complaint: I wish the cord was detachable so I could leave the charging station on the counter holding my brush and the cord tucked away in a drawer.

I have used it for 2 years, 2 times a day, every day. I swear by it. If it broke, I'd race out and buy a replacement.

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Brandi S.
Can't live without it!

I am in love with this brush! I have tried for years to achieve a smooth even complection to no avail, that is until I received this facial brush. I have used it night and day since May and I won't be without one ever again. My skin looks fantastic and smooth. I use it with the DDF sensitive skin cleanser and the normal skin brush.