• 3 Steps to Refresh Your Hair Style
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    3 Steps to Refresh Your Hair Style

    Dry shampoo is a hairstylist’s secret weapon. It gives hairstyles extra body, refreshes blowouts, and fixes greasy roots. But before there was dry shampoo, there was a simpler solution: Baby Powder. Here are updated tips on how to use baby powder to style your hair.

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  • DIY Body Oils
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    DIY Body Oils

    During the winter months, your skin can become extra dry, flaky, or ashy from hot showers, skin-chapping winds, and moisture-sucking indoor heaters. The use of body oils can soften your skin and keep it supple. Keep reading for 3 homemade recipes of body oils that you can easily create at home.

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  • Get the Look: Natalie Portman in "Black Swan"

    Get the Look: Natalie Portman in "Black Swan"

    "Black Swan", the 2010 psychological thriller, transported audiences to the more disturbing side of modern ballet. Keep reading to see what products you need to get Natalie's Black Swan look.

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  • The Right Order to Apply Your Skin Care

    The Right Order to Apply Your Skin Care

    Sequencing your skin care routine seems relatively easy, but at times can be difficult to grasp which products follow which. Discover how to apply your morning and evening staples in the correct order.

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  • DIY Beauty: Makeup Removers

    DIY Beauty: Makeup Removers

    If you use any type of makeup, you must wash it all off before you go to bed at night. Keep reading for recipes on how to create your own natural makeup removers at home!

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  • All Eyes On: Suzy of macNC40

    All Eyes On: Suzy of macNC40

    While the Beautylish team was in Los Angeles, we met up with Suzy a.k.a. macNC40 for an interview about her start and life as a beauty guru. Rocking her OCC Lip Tar in Demure, Suzy was full of smiles and great stories. Check out the full interview with the lovely macNC40!

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  • DIY Pore Strips

    DIY Pore Strips

    Though there are a range of pore strips you can buy from the store, you can easily create your own homemade pore strip. Keep reading to learn how to create your own DIY nose pore strips!

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  • All Eyes On: Ingrid of Missglamorazzi

    All Eyes On: Ingrid of Missglamorazzi

    The Beautylish team had the opportunity to hang out with Ingrid a.k.a. Missglamorazzi during a trip to sunny Los Angeles! The bubbly beauty guru on YouTube was looking stunning with her perfect curls and sweet smile. We chatted about her experience filming her first beauty tutorial, her aspirations, and much more!

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  • DIY Grape Skin Care Recipes

    DIY Grape Skin Care Recipes

    Grapes are not only delicious, they are jammed packed with vitamin C, vitamin B6, thiamin, and antioxidants. Giorgia from Beautiful with Brains created three homemade DIY skincare recipes with grapes that you can easily whip up at home to score soft and supple skin.

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  • All Eyes On: Julieg713

    All Eyes On: Julieg713

    During Fashion Week in New York, the Beautylish team was able to catch up with down-to-earth YouTube Beauty Guru, Julieg713! We met up with her during IMATS LA earlier in the summer so it was great to see Julie and find out what was going on with her. Check out our interview with Julie as she dishes on her life as a guru!

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  • All Eyes On: BeautySplurge

    All Eyes On: BeautySplurge

    Lisa Pullano, also known as BeautySplurge, has been creating beauty videos on YouTube for a few months and has already created an array of makeup, skincare, and fashion videos. Currently working on her MBA, Lisa is a huge makeup and skincare fanatic and has the biggest passion to share her beauty knowledge with the world. Read on to find out about our on the rise beauty and check her out on Beautylish!

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  • All Eyes On: Klaire de Lys

    All Eyes On: Klaire de Lys

    Klaire de Lys captivates you with her enchanting voice and amazing makeup skills. You may land on one of her beauty videos to learn a technique but you slowly begin to watch them obsessively since they are such beauty masterpieces. Also, only expect Klaire to use affordable makeup that you can easily snag yourself too. Let her sparkle your imagination and keep reading on to learn how this beauty guru started!

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  • DIY Lip Gloss Recipe

    DIY Lip Gloss Recipe

    Lip gloss adds a sheen and definition to lips that always looks gorgeous. Though store bought glosses are amazing on giving your pucker that perfect shine, they are filled with chemicals that shouldn't be ingested. Keep reading to see how to create your own natural lip gloss with a few ingredients!

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  • DIY Lash Conditioner

    DIY Lash Conditioner

    Having full and natural lashes is something many of us crave! Though we can't change the lashes we have from the inside, we can use topical treatments to help your eyelashes grow healthier and longer! Give these natural eyelash conditioners recipes a try to achieve longer, thicker, and fuller lashes.

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  • All Eyes On: YouTube Guru HollywoodNoirMakeup

    All Eyes On: YouTube Guru HollywoodNoirMakeup

    Ashley, better known in the cyber world as HollywoodNoirMakeup on YouTube, is the ultimate femme fatale makeup artist. Read on to find out a little more about this Canadian makeup bombshell!

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  • DIY Body Scrubs

    DIY Body Scrubs

    After a long day of being in the brisk cold or sitting in room with its heater on full blast, your skin might be feeling extremely thirsty. Slough off your dry skin with these 3 easy DIY recipes with ingredients you can grab straight from your pantry!

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  • All Eyes On: Shirley B. Eniang

    All Eyes On: Shirley B. Eniang

    Shirley B. Eniang is one fashionable beauty guru. Her makeup is always flattering and her style is beyond chic and cool. Shirley’s videos ranges from gorgeous makeup tutorials, hairstyle how to’s, and fashion looks. Her blog, meek-in-milk, is chock full of photos of her style and inspirations. This UK beauty and fashion guru is fantastic in every way and we can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us! Keep on reading for her interview with us!

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  • All Eyes On: Bubzbeauty

    All Eyes On: Bubzbeauty

    You all probably know the bubbly and sweet Northern Irish YouTube Guru, Bubzbeauty! She's adorable, creates super helpful hair and makeup tutorials, and is all about spreading love and positive vibes to everyone around her. Since starting her beauty channel over two years ago, Bubz has 460,000+ subscribers and nearly over 90 million page views! She's a humble rockstar in the beauty guru world, being #1 most subscribed guru of all time in the United Kingdom. Keep on reading to find out more about Bubz and how she started Bubzbeauty!

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  • All Eyes On: Imogen of Foxy Locks Extensions

    All Eyes On: Imogen of Foxy Locks Extensions

    You know Imogen as FoxyLocksExtension, the fabulously big hair and gorgeous makeup beauty guru that has her own line of hair extensions! You’re bound to find a tutorial or rave of hers that will be helpful to you. Whether you want a high fashion messy bun for a chic daytime look or a smokey eye tutorial for a glam night out, Imogen has something for everyone. Read on to find out more about this business savvy beauty.

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  • DIY Lip Scrub

    DIY Lip Scrub

    Lips chafe, peel, and split in winter. Depending on the condition of your lips, you can exfoliate them with store bought lip scrubs or a very simple DIY lip scrub. Check out the recipe!

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