Melt-proof Makeup For Summer


As the weather heats up, we'll need to change our makeup routine to help it survive all the sweat. So what's a girl to do when her face starts to melt under the sun? We gather a few tips to help you looking fresh and cool all summer long.

Tips Melt-proof Makeup For Summer

  • Less is more Resist the urge to pile on foundation and concealer during warmer months—a melted face is never a good look on anyone. Moisturize and apply a thin layer of a face primer appropriate for your skin type. If you can get away with a lighter coverage, use concealer to spot conceal and set with a light powder.if you feel like you need heavier coverage, try to use a tinted moisturizer before concealing. 
  • Waterproof liners Stay away from eye crayons because they will turn into a smudgy mess on your eyes. Opt for waterproof pencils and liners that will last all day, despite the heat. For extra hold, set your eye liner with a similar colored powder eyeshadow. 
  • Coat your lashes Use waterproof mascara on days you really need it to stay put and smudge-free, but don't use it every day. The chemicals in waterproof mascara can cause your lashes to become dry and brittle. If you just want to hold curl in your lash, swipe on a clear mascara. That's a foolproof way not to end up with raccoon eyes.
  • Perky cheeks Use a cheek stain to get a lasting glow on your cheeks. Make sure you apply it on moisturized skin, or else the stain will adhere to the dry spots on your face and look splotchy. Another great thing about cheeks stains is they can be used on your lips for color—who doesn't love a 2-in-1 product?

Beautylish Tip: If you'll be out under the sun all day long and want a zero-effort look, slather sunscreen on, skip the makeup and put on a pair of chic sunglasses!