Summer Beauty Talk With XSparkage


Beautylish chats with Beauty Guru Leesha (better known as XSparkage). Keep reading to find out her top beauty picks for summer and how she deals with the Texan heat.

B: Hey Leesha. Summer's just around the corner—how do you change up your beauty routine?

"I generally wear less makeup in the summer because I can't stand that "face-is-melting" feeling that heat can give you. I wear an SPF tinted moisturizer daily, and I use a setting spray on makeup-heavy days. To sweat-proof my look, I use a finishing spray from Skindinavia."

B: But you're in Texas, right? That's a really hot summer!

"Absolutely! It's my first summer in Texas and it is unbelievably humid. I'm used to really dry heat in Arizona, so it's an adjustment. I use setting sprays and keep up with the SPF more here. I'm also transitioning to an oil-free skincare regimen for the climate change."

B: Even though it's hot, you still have fun with makeup. What are your summer beauty essentials?

"Even though I feel like I'm melting, I still love my summer beauty staples. I use my go-to primer, Too Faced Shadow Insurance for seriously stay-put eye shadow. To rock summer brights on my eyes, I always prep with NYX Cosmetics Jumbo Eye Shadow Pencil in Milk. It gives such a fantastic color boost to any eye makeup—shadows stick to this stuff like glue. For the signature faux face-tan, I love Benefit Hoola Bronzer. I don't tan naturally so this adds some healthy color to my complexion, and it's a universally flattering shade. I still need to play up my eyes, so I stick with Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Stingray—a creamy long-lasting black that miraculously lasts on the waterline for hours. I still get chapped lips in summer, so I always use an SPF lip balm. Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm fits the bill—it's SPF 25 and has a super thick texture that coats my lips with moisture and protection. I make sure to have two on-hand at all times—one in my bag and one for the house!"

B: Even in the heat, people are sporting such fantastic looks this season—which summer trend are you loving at the moment?

"I am LOVING bright lips! Orange lips are so hot, it makes me want to pull out my favorite shade: OCC Beta Lip Tar. I'm generally a fan of very vibrant and colorful makeup, so I'm happy that bright is going more mainstream. One swipe and you're good to go—bold lips are the easiest way to make a statement."

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