Bye Bye Tan Lines


No matter how careful we are under the sun, embarrassing tan lines are common summer offenders. Not the end of the world but if you have an important event (like a wedding!), you'll want to get rid of those pasty patches ASAP! Keep reading for our tips on on how to fade your tan lines so no one will notice the evidence of your fun in the sun.

HOW TO Fade Tan Lines

  1. The Tanee Tan Line Corrector is basically "tan in a squeeze bottle" that will help camouflage your unsightly tan lines. Apply the self-tanner formula to the areas that need to be darkened and within a few hours, you shouldn't see any more lines. Repeat the process if certain areas need to be darkened further. 

  2. Exfoliating dead skin cells will help speed up the fading process. However, if your skin is burned or irritated, do not exfoliate and heal your sunburn first. Gently use body exfoliators or loofahs in the shower at night, and follow up with a moisturizing lotion. 

  3. The wonders of makeup can cover up anything, including your tan line. For a small area to cover, use a concealer brush and pat a thick layer of foundation or concealer over the lightest areas. Make sure your cover up shade matches the skin surrounding the tan line and blend it in until it's unnoticeable. For larger areas, use a larger foundation brush and layer on the cover up until you achieve your desired look. Regardless of whether the patch is big or small, always set the foundation or concealer with bronzer or translucent powder and you're good to go. If you'll be out and about, make sure to bring the foundation or concealer with you for touch ups.

Image courtesy of brooklynhawaii

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