Calling All Animal Lovers! Sugarpill’s New Vegan Makeup Brushes Are Here


Synthetic makeup brushes often get a bad rep. The earliest versions on the market were known to feel a little plasticky, not to mention stiff and rough on skin. But synthetics have come a long way recently, which is great news for animal lovers looking for a vegan-friendly alternative.

And that’s why Sugarpill Cosmetics’ new brushes have us really excited! Aside from being totally vegan (like most of Sugarpill’s makeup), the four-piece line fits squarely into founder and muse Amy Doan’s technicolor aesthetic, from the pink eco-friendly bamboo handles to the ombré-pink synthetic bristles. We wouldn’t expect basic black or brown from Sugarpill, right?!

There are three eye tools—a large shadow brush, a super-precise liner brush, and a blending brush—plus a stiff-bristled lip brush. All are crafted from the highest quality synthetic fibers, meaning they’re incredibly soft and luxurious, and won’t feel rough or abrasive on your skin. And the densely-packed bristles help you deliver more coverage or high-intensity pigment where you want it—perfect for working with both loose and pressed shadows.

Contrary to popular belief, synthetic brushes can last just as long as natural-hair ones if you care for and store them properly. (We can’t recommend The Brush Guard, an awesome tool to help prolong the lifespan of any brush, enough.) So even if you’re not vegan, the affordable price point ($16–$20) makes these a great investment if you’re looking to add some new tools to your kit. Here’s the brush-by-brush breakdown.

Large Eyeshadow Brush | $20

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For dramatic looks in bold colors, this is great go-to. It’s perfect for applying an even amount of pigment with just a few swipes, and big enough to get maximum coverage onto lids quickly and efficiently.

Precision Eyeliner Brush | $16

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The fine-point tip makes lining both upper and lower lash lines a cinch. With this brush, you can easily create any simple or dramatic liner look with gels, powders, or liquids.

Lip Brush | $18

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A versatile small brush designed to do everything lip. The stiff-bristled, slightly tapered tip is ideal for lining and shaping; to fill in, just turn it and use flat sides.  

Tapered Blending & Crease Brush | $20

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If you love layering multiple colors in your eye looks, this is for you. The curved, flexible bristles will help you flawlessly blend one bold hue into the next.

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