5 Ways To Do Glitter on New Year’s Eve


New Year’s Eve is fast-approaching, making it the most wonderful time of the year to get glitzy. Try out our top glitter picks for glimmering eye and lip looks as you watch the ball drop!

5: Disco accents

The product name itself makes us want to dance ‘til midnight. Spread these Disco Dots across your lids for disco ball inspired eyes or individually place them to accent your shadow look. Using glitter adhesive, we recommend spacing out the disco dots above your crease. Pair this look with glossy lids and a hint of holographic sparkle.

4: Turquoise brows and lashes

Jewel tones for winter are unmatched, so glitter your way into the New Year with sparkly turquoise lashes and brows. Dip your spoolie into a glitter adhesive then into your glitter, tap off the excess, and brush on small cut, deep turquoise glitter through your brows.

For lashes, I recommend applying glitter to a pair of strip falsies. Dip a flat brush into the adhesive, and paint the top and bottom of your lashes with glitter. Over a waste bin, shake off excess glitter from the strips, then apply as usual. Make sure you are using cosmetic glitter. You should never place craft glitter near your eye area.

3: Confetti eyes

Allow confetti-like glitter to take over your entire lid, and you’ll start the party with your colorful stare. With a liner brush and matte, black eye shadow, trace your lid crease and create a wing. Connect the wing to the outer corner of your eye and then fill in your entire lid with black shadow using a flat brush. It’s like you’re creating a cat eye that takes up your entire lid. Apply the confetti glitter over the black shadow with your flat brush and adhesive.

2: Glossy, multi-color lips

Sure you can buy shimmery lip gloss, but it’s more fun to make some your own! Pour out some clear gloss, mix in a sprinkle or two of your favorite glitter shade, and apply using a lip brush.

1: Seeing stars

Make a New Year’s wish! With glitter adhesive and a flat brush, create a cascade of periwinkle glitter along the outer corner of your under eye. Add silver, holographic stars on top to create a galaxy of sparkle along your eye.

Illustrations by Megan Badilla