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New Chanel N˚19 Poudré


chanel Chanel N˚19 Poudré

In the world of Chanel, everything is symbolic. So much so that Coco's Chanel's classic perfume, Chanel N˚19, is named after the date of her birthday. The new release from the house, Chanel N˚19 Poudré combines the classic elements of the Chanel fragrance and beauty that we love (the square flagon and beautiful green color) with a new scent. Jacques Polge recreated the fragrance using seven notes, including crisp greens and powdery iris. The fragrance still has the same deep, velvety scent that seems to wrap around your nose when you smell it, but also contains a new, youthful crispness.

The scent will be available exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue and on August 19.

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