Essie's New Cocktail Bling Collection


Essie's new winter collection is a world away from the dreary weather we'll experience. Consisting of six new jewel-toned shades the collection was inspired by the precious stones and metals that we like to accessorize ourselves with. Think of rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. "Jewelry makes a statement. So I say, the bigger the better", says creator of essie cosmetics, Essie Weingarten. "The same is true with color for winter—the bolder the better!" We can't wait to try out all the new shades!

Product availability: Cocktail Bling Collection, ($8 each)


  • Cocktail Bling: Precious Pale Grey Jewel
  • Bobbing for Baubles: Deepest Darkest Sapphire
  • Size Matters: Blazing Hot Ruby Red
  • Brooch the Subject: Creamy Cashmere Cameo
  • School of Hard Rocks: Midnight Malachite
  • Bangle Jangle: Lavender Amethyst

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