All Eyes On: Mona Wu of Smerfette


How do we count the ways why we love the sparkling and sweet Mona Wu, also known by her YouTube Beauty Guru name smerfette and beauty blog Make Me Blushhh? Mona does a great job on updating her fabulous beauty blog on all kinds of beauty goodies and events with superb photos often so it’s definitely a site you want to bookmark. Her carefree attitude and charming demeanor makes it so much fun to watch and read, she’s a lovely guru in our books! 

Q &A: Mona Wu of Smerfette

B: How were you inspired to start your beauty blog and YouTube beauty channel?

I started my YouTube channel as a place for me to share my makeup and skin care obsession as well as learn from other YouTube beauty gurus. I started my beauty blog to fill the void between my videos due to my time constraint. It started out small but now I can't see myself without it.

B: What draws you to purchase a brand of makeup or particular product?

There are a few brands that I trust and love due to their consistency to produce high quality products. But I'm always open to try new things. I'll usually start out by trying something simple from a range and if I like it I'd look more into the brand and their products. The trust and reliability portion takes some time to build.

B: Do you have a signature look that you are recognized for?

I tend to do natural looking makeup that can easily be transformed to a night time or party look. I like to emphasize glowing skin and clean eye makeup.

B: Name five products that you cannot live without?
  1. My DiorSnow toner, serum, moisturizer.

  2. Shu Uemura's Phyto Black lift anti-wrinkle eye & lip contour cream.

  3. Concealer. I'm currently using Eve Pearl's Salmon concealer in the pro trio format.

  4. Eye liner and brow pencil.

  5. My Clarsonic Mia. It gently deep cleanses my skin on a daily basis.

B: Any insider beauty tips for us?

Great makeup starts with your skin, so take good care of it!