Spotlight On: RachhLoves, Sexycandieeyes, & YoYoecho


Q &A: RachhLoves

B: What inspired you to start your own YouTube beauty channel and blog?

There were multiple sources of inspiration for me to start my channel.  First, I should mention that I’ve always loved experimenting with makeup. I still remember getting a huge box set of makeup from Walmart was I was 12 – hours of entertainment!  I love the challenge and creativity involved, so I eagerly soaked up as much information as I could. As I got older, I broadened my passion to include health, fitness and nutrition; I would spend hours watching the Food Network on TV with my dad and look up recipes online.  So really this channel started as an amalgamation of these two pasttimes of mine.  And I don’t plan on limiting it either. I’d like to eventually include things like book reviews, contests, and discussions on important topics to me like Catholicism and the pro-life movement.  The possibilities are endless – and as long as people still have fun with my videos and learn something new, then I’ll continue to film!

B: What has been your most rewarding experience since starting your beauty channel and blog?

Hands down its the amazing support from my viewers.  I get so many wonderful messages in my inbox and formspring – questions on relationships, love, faith and morals.  I am just so impressed by their level of intelligence, maturity and curiousity, and I intend to do whatever I can to encourage, support and provide advice for them.

B: Who are your favorite beauty guru’s and why?

Oh gosh, so many! I love DulceCandy87—she’s so sweet, upbeat, knowledgable and has such a strong faith. Meganheartsmakeup is practically my little sister, and LizYArtur is so sweet! CityAndMakeup, brittkneegirl1 andMissVanityVixen are beauties both inside and out, and gclauds is such an amazing young woman I would love to meet one day. But that’s only a few—I have met so many wonderful ladies through YouTube!

B: Top three favorite products and why?

Skin care—Neutrogena Stress Acne Power Cleanser. I tend to break out a lot from stress and this helps to at least calm by skin. Eye Makeup—L’Oreal Quad for Blue Eyes (Desert Sunrise). I use this quad every day—such a great combination of neutral colours
Health—flaxseed. Grind it up and add it to homemade muffins, your breakfast cereal, anything! It has essential fatty acids that help with a plethora of ailments, but also helps keep your skin and hair glowing, shiny, and strong!