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How To Beauty: Feather Extensions


Feather hair extensions are extremely easy to put in yourself, as long as you have the right tools at hand. In a matter of minutes (or seconds with more practice), you can be rocking luscious strands of feathers in your hair for a funky new 'do.

If you want to go for a more natural look, use feathers that match your hair color. For a bolder look, go for feathers with bright colors and different textures. Decide where you want to place the feathers before you start the process, and make sure the feathers lay flat against your hair.

Here are our steps on how to put in feather extensions in your hair by yourself!

feather extensions Materials Needed

  • Hair extension micro links - We suggest using silicone lined micro links because their hold is longer-lasting and removal is easier, compared to plastic links. You can purchase different-colored micro links to match your hair color.

  • Hair hook

  • Clamp tool - You can buy clamps made especially for hair extensions or use any clamp from a hardware store.

  • Scissors 

  • Real feathers - Not the synthetic kind. You can purchase them from feather hair extension sites like FineFeatherHeads or Famous Extensions. Or just buy a bundle of feathers from a fly fishing store.

  • Hair clip

  • Hair Extension Tool Kit (Optional) - These kits come pre-packaged with the micro links, hook, and clamp.

feather extensionsStep-By-Step Tutorial

  1. Take one of the micro links and place it through the tip of the hair hook. Choose where you want the extensions to lie, usually under a few layers of hair so the micro link can be hidden. Pin the top layer of your hair out of the way with a hair clip or barrette. Select a few pieces of hair, twist them a few times, and hook the hair hook into the hair strands. 

  2. Slide the micro link upward toward the tip of the hair hook and onto your hair, near the root of the hairs. Slide the tip of your feathers through the micro link and pieces of hair. 

  3. Hold the mico link, feathers, and hair in place and gently clamp down on the micro link to squish them together. You may trim the tips of the feathers if they're too long—Just be sure not to snip your real hair!

  4. To take out the feather extension, find the micro link and gently clamp it in the opposite direction to open it up. Slip the micro link and feather out your hair. If the feather has been properly taken care of, you will be able to reuse it repeatedly.

Beautylish gal Kristina C. stopped by our offices today and showed off her cool feather extensions!

Beautylish Tip: When wearing feather hair extensions, you can wash your hair as you normally would and continue to use heat tools on your hair. But because the feather extension is clamped onto your natural hair, don't try to comb, tease, or pull at your hair roughly. 

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