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Z Series 6-Piece Brush Set

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Chikuhodo Z Series Lookbook

“The Z series is the most luxurious we have, and made from the softest hair, which won’t irritate even really sensitive skin.” See the lookbook for the Z Series here.

The Chikuhodo Brush Guide

Makeup brushes are a big, but essential, investment for any kit. If you’re thinking about adding Chikuhodo to your collection, we’re here to help guide you as you shop! Compare the options, right here.

How to Care For Your Makeup Brushes

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Sylvia J.

These brushes are marvelous!!!!!! My make-up applied so smoothly, they are the perfect size & they are well made. These brushes with my Wayne Goss make a great combination. Love them, Love them & Love them.

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Dii A.

My first true high end brushes aside from Wayne Goss brushes I own and love, and I cannot believe I hadn't purchased them sooner. The first time I used them i noticed a difference in my makeup finish. It was soft and so clean and perfected.Super soft and no shedding at all. I have no doubt that having the right tools makes a big difference in application. Not only are they beautiful and effective but also so gentle on my skin. I completely recommend the Chikuhodo z-series. I even purchased some that were not included in the kit, but this kit is ust the right one! I'm just in love!

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Kandie H.
Supersoft, quality!

I have a lot of makeup brushes ranging from mid to high-end and I'm super picky about what I and up using on a regular basis. These brushes are some of the softest that have ever graced my face. I especially love the powder brush, if I had to pick just one from this set to keep, it would be this one. The only thing I would change is having the option of a longer handle, but that's just preference because I have big hands!

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Kay C.
Fantastic Brushes

I've had my Shu Uemura brushes in my kit for about 20 years when I noticed the paint from my badger eyebrow brush and pony hair blush brush started to chip. I'd wanted the Suqqu brushes forever but I could never justify paying that much for brushes that were made by Chikuhodo anyway. When I saw this set had a blush brush, an eyebrow brush, the powder brush and something very similar famous discontinued S brush from Suqqu, I was sold!

Overall, I'm quite happy with the set, with the exception of the inclusion of a lip brush. No tea, no shade, lip brushes are ok but I would have preferred the inclusion of a blending brush or tapered highlight brush even for a little more. So that's the only reason why this gets a 4 out of 5 instead of 5 out of 5.

Everything in this set was very good but I have to say the real stars of this set are the pointed crease brush and the cheek/highlighter brush. Application of blush is amazing and the pointed brush makes detailed crease work a breeze.

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