Top 3 Anti-Aging Gadgets


With so much new technology being delivered to us every day, it's no surprise that it's creeping into skin care. You can now cleanse and exfoliate with a rotating brush, clean your teeth with an electric toothbrush, and even boost your lashes with an oscillating mascara wand. The latest gadgets to hit the beauty world are ones that remove and prevent wrinkles. They use electric currents or ions to help your skin quickly absorb the ingredients in your products (which you apply before using the gadget). There’s even a laser option. The PaloVia Skin Renewing Laser ($499), the only laser approved by the FDA for home use, penetrates the skin’s layers to treat the supportive structure that weakens with age.

1 Wrinkle MD, $129

This is super easy to use, and looks like an iPod with eye pads instead of headphones. Each eye pad stays in place for 40 minutes, and while you experience a slight tingling sensation, it's not painful. Each patch is infused with hyaluronic acid, which works to hydrate skin and fill in wrinkles. The patches use a very low-energy electrical current to “charge” the ions of the hyaluronic acid, which are pushed into the skin much more effectively than if you just applied a cream.

2 ZenSation Lifting & Revitalizing Massager, $55

This easily transportable gadget massages your face, just like the pricier Clarisonic Opal, but the small metal head is infused with ions to help creams and serums absorb into your skin. It produces instant results and is easily maneuverable around your eyes or lips to plump up your skin and reduce fine lines. A micro current pulses through the massager (which is only the size of a pen!), creating a soft, vibrating feeling when you touch it to your skin.

3 L'Oréal Micro-Pulse Vibrating Eye Treatment, $19.99

This tiny little gadget works in two steps. First, you apply eye cream that contains marine collagen to hydrate and to diminish dark circles. Then you massage the vibrating tool against the area surrounding your eyes for 10 seconds. It delivers 1,000 ultra-pulsations to activate micro-circulation and instantly makes you feel more awake.

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