Beauty Mood Board: Glamour Gore


Blood gets a gory rap on our favorite late-night frightfests, but there’s something seductive about the life-giving plasma fluid. Sure, TV shows such as True Blood and Dexter show the more seductive and alluring side of this magical substance and even give it—dare we say?—sex appeal. But historically, the vibrant shade has been the ultimate symbol of youth and beauty. The bright cherry liquid running through our veins reveals exuberantly flushed skin, indicative of health and vitality. Fortunately, you can try these universally flattering hues without any real bloodshed: Create a blood splatter effect on pale nails or take the vibrant crimson color all the way to your lashes, as seen at Katie Gallagher’s recent Fashion Week collection. It’s almost Halloween, but gore doesn’t have to be all that gruesome.

To beautify blood tones, Beautylish recommends:

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