Easy Beauty Fix-Its


Courtesy of The Blonde Salad

Ever managed to get a huge stain on your dress just before a first date, or had to blow your nose right before a big interview but couldn’t find a tissue? These incidences (and many more like them) can happen almost every day, and they can make us feel frustrated and a little confident. Luckily, we have many beauty tips and solutions that you can use to spare yourself those awkward moments.

1. Make an Emergency Kit

Fill a small makeup bag with adhesive bandages, tissues, nail polish remover wipes, a nail file, hand sanitizer, and double-sided tape strips, and put it in your handbag. You’ll never know when you’ll desperately need one of these items, and they can all do wonders in a pinch.

2. Prepare a Travel Bag

Do you always arrive at the hotel and realize you forgot to pack an essential, like toothpaste or face wash? Put together a travel makeup bag at home and keep it in your medicine cabinet. Fill it with travel-sized bottles of your favorite body wash and cleanser, and keep an extra toothbrush and mini toothpaste in there at all times.

3. Refrigerate

Keep your de-puffing eye roller in the refrigerator for a last-minute treatment on puffy eyes. Use it just before you rush out the door to make yourself look more awake in an instant. This way when you're running out the door, you'll get an instant wake up!

4. Fan It

It's never chic for a lady to perspire, so keep a small fold-out fan in your handbag during the summer months. You'll be cool and refined!

5. Keep a Stash of Personalized Stationery

There is nothing nicer than sending a handwritten note to thank an interviewer, gift giver or party host. Keep a stack at home so you always have some on hand.

6. Practice Makes Perfect

Wear your new heels around the house with thick socks to practice walking in them and stretch them out. If it works for Victoria Beckham, it will work for you!

7. Buy in Bulk

Always running out of cotton balls, nail polish remover, or wax strips when you need them the most? Buy them in bulk so you don’t have to resort to repurposing your panty liners.