Princess Hair: The Half-Up, Half-Down


Half-up, half-down, and full glamour! A major reason the split effect is having a chic comeback year? Kate Middleton. Not only is the 'do (traditionally called a princess hairstyle) her constant go-to look but the Duchess of Cambridge even sported it on her wedding day. And for good reason! The classic schoolgirl staple keeps locks out of your face (and in her case, was perfect for balancing a tiara on top of her head) but still allows most of your mane to flow free. Check out a few elegant ways to update the classic hairdo and try it for your December fêtes.

courtesy of pinterestSWEET AND LOW

If you're a fan of the low ponytail, this Grecian look is an easy compromise. Your hair will seem fuller and longer, and look effortlessly elegant. Take two small front sections from both sides of your part and loosely twist (or braid!) back behind or over your ears. Pin above the lower half of your hair at the nape of your neck.


Face-framing fringe works perfectly with the ’do. If you’re a pinup pro, try a retro-rolled style like Dita von Teese’s. Or keep it modern and simply deep-part your bangs for a side-swept look like Carrie Underwood’s. An easy way to separate top and bottom? Create ringlets on the loose hair but keep pinned-back sections sleek and straight.

courtesy of itsthesmallthingsblog.blogspot.comPARTY IN THE BACK

Spice up your style by displaying more than just a ponytail at your crown. For an unique knot effect like Kim Raver's (left), twist the top part into a small doughnut shape. Then pull remaining ends through. Or create a mini French twist by splitting the top half into left and right sections. Pull back to the crown and twirl ends together in a downward spiral. Secure with hidden bobby pins facing upward where the sections meet at crown.


Bouffant styles were around long before Snooki reinvented the pouf. Amping up the top like Beyoncé keeps the focus on your face. Or opt for a tousled, sexy bed-head effect like Camilla Belle’s, which will give your mane more texture.