Editorial: Member Spotlight

  • Industry Influence: One Blogger Uses Car Pigment As Nail Polish

    Industry Influence: One Blogger Uses Car Pigment As Nail Polish

    Recently, we came across a nail look that stopped us dead in our eye-gazing tracks. And the Beautylish member that created it used car paint! Learn more.

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  • Inner Genius: Unleashing Creativity With Dr. Flux

    Inner Genius: Unleashing Creativity With Dr. Flux

    When an outstanding creation crosses our screens, we take notice. Introducing Dr. Flux, neuroscience student by day, genius makeup artist by night. We chatted with the makeup maestro about inspiration, why science can influence beauty, and how one Sephora lesson opened his eyes to the world of makeup.

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  • Makeup in the Military

    Makeup in the Military

    Who says you can’t serve your country while looking a little glam? We get the scoop from one of our very own Beautylish Air Force ladies about being a bombshell and a soldier who serves and protects.

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  • A Peek Inside Jasmine's Beauty Bag!

    A Peek Inside Jasmine's Beauty Bag!

    You all know her as jazziebabycakes, but we rely on her as our very own in-house makeup guru! So what does a product junkie like Jasmine really use on her skin? We take a peek at her morning beauty routine and get the dish on her best tips and tricks!

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  • Blogger Love: Check Out These Sites!

    Blogger Love: Check Out These Sites!

    Need inspiration? The gurus you turn to for help are all here on Beautylish! From avant-garde to classic beauty, the stunning looks that these makeup mavens create will make you want to get off your computer and head straight to your vanity. Keep reading to discover a few of our favorite It Girls.

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  • Blogger Love: Swatches and Makeup Looks

    Blogger Love: Swatches and Makeup Looks

    Whether you’re searching for an honest review of a new Benefit makeup palette, swatches of drugstore eye shadows, or a bright and bold makeup look to re-create, these three Beauties will help you get inspired and make great beauty purchases. Keep reading to check out their great image-heavy blogs!

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  • Blogger Love: Inspirational Sites

    Blogger Love: Inspirational Sites

    Looking for a bright, cute manicure or some great inspiration for a fun makeup look? These great blogs have fantastic photos, wonderful reviews, and exciting work. Don't forget to check out their Beautylish profiles too

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  • Fall Trend: Bold Brows

    Fall Trend: Bold Brows

    Brows frame your face and this fall is all about the bold brow. We're not talking about Bert and Ernie rectangle brows—those are best left for Muppets. But a well-defined shape can highlight your eyes and pull your look together.

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  • Cute Nail Inspiration: Polka Dots!
    • 285

    Cute Nail Inspiration: Polka Dots!

    Looking for a new manicure that will get them gushing? Polka dots are a big fashion trend right now and these Beautylish Beauties show you a new place to sport those spots: your nails!

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  • Spotlight On: Sokolum79

    Spotlight On: Sokolum79

    Heather, also known as Sokolum79 in the beauty community, is a unique makeup artist from Canada who shares her love for special effects and bold beauty. Keep reading to find out her movie inspirations!

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  • Spotlight On: Petrilude

    Spotlight On: Petrilude

    The Halloween King of YouTube dishes about the person who has taught him the most about applying makeup. Keep reading to find out who it is!

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  • Summer Beauty Talk With XSparkage

    Summer Beauty Talk With XSparkage

    Beautylish chats with Beauty Guru Leesha (better known as XSparkage). Keep reading for her top summer beauty picks and how she deals with the Texan heat!

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  • Graduation Beauty Talk with JulieG713

    Graduation Beauty Talk with JulieG713

    Beauty guru Jasmine (jazziebabycakes) got a chance to chat with the sweet and talented JulieG713 on all things graduation beauty. Find out what Julie wore on her commencement day and read her beauty tips for this year's graduating class!

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  • Spotlight On: Samantha Chapman of Pixiwoo Part 3

    Spotlight On: Samantha Chapman of Pixiwoo Part 3

    In the final part of our special Pixiwoo trilogy, makeup artist and YouTube maven Samantha Chapman talks about life as a pro MUA, from how she follows the beauty trends and organizes her stash to her favorite hobby besides beauty.

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  • Spotlight On: Samantha Chapman of Pixiwoo Part 2

    Spotlight On: Samantha Chapman of Pixiwoo Part 2

    In the second edition of this week's three-part Pixiwoo special this week, Samantha Chapman chats about all things YouTube and social media.

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  • Spotlight On: Samantha Chapman of Pixiwoo Part 1

    Spotlight On: Samantha Chapman of Pixiwoo Part 1

    Beautylish chats with pro makeup artist and YouTube Guru Samantha Chapman also known as Pixiwoo. In the first installment of our three-part special, Sam dishes on her new brush line, Real Techniques, and chats about Kate Middleton's wedding beauty predictions!

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  • Prom Beauty Talk with Kandee Johnson

    Prom Beauty Talk with Kandee Johnson

    YouTube Beauty Guru Kandee Johnson doles out prom hair and makeup advice, reminisces about her prom and reveals her regrets from the big night. Also, check out the adorable photo of Kandee at her own prom!

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  • Spotlight On: YouTube Guru manwomanfilm

    Spotlight On: YouTube Guru manwomanfilm

    Beautylish interviews Asahi (through the help of a translator), also known as the unique and talented Japanese YouTube makeup guru, manwomanfilm. Keep reading to see how she got started on YouTube and developed her signature beauty style!

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  • Spotlight On: Elessa of Pursebuzz

    Spotlight On: Elessa of Pursebuzz

    We got to know Elessa at IMATS Pasadena last year during the Guru Summit and just like her videos, she’s absolutely amazing and full of beauty knowledge. Also known as Pursebuzz, she is one of the original gurus that started on YouTube, showcasing her makeup skills and talent to the world through her beauty tutorials. We swung on down to the beautiful San Diego to meet up with Elessa and spent the afternoon chit chatting about her life in the beauty lane. Read the rest of the entry to watch our video interview with the one and only Pursebuzz!

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  • Spotlight On: Lauren of QueenofBlending

    Spotlight On: Lauren of QueenofBlending

    We met Lauren (a.k.a. QueenofBlending on Youtube) in Pasadena during IMATS last year when she was a panelist at the Guru Summit. In her videos and real life, QueenofBlending’s a straight-forward type of girl who always will tell you how it is. We met up with QueenofBlending to chat about her start and life as a beauty guru and makeup artist. Flashing her flawlessly blended eyes and perfect nude lip, Lauren looked amazing in her very well matched ensemble. Watch the full interview with QueenofBlending!

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