Graduation Beauty Talk with JulieG713


Beauty guru Jasmine (jazziebabycakes) got a chance to chat with the sweet and talented JulieG713 on all things graduation beauty. Find out what Julie wore on her commencement day and read her beauty tips for this year's graduating class!

Q & A Graduation beauty talk with julieg713

Jasmine: What did you wear for your big day?

I didn't want to clash with my school colors, so I wore a cream-colored dress and nude heels. I wanted to keep everything clean, neutral, and timeless. I was starting a new chapter of my life, and I wanted a clean slate! My makeup complemented my outfit, very natural and fresh. I used brown and vanilla on the lid and crease, lined with black liner, and coated my lashes with mascara. I swept a peach blush across my cheeks and added a neutral lip color.

Jasmine: Do you have any beauty regrets from graduation?

Graduation day was so amazing and emotional for me. I worked really hard over the years to accomplish my goals in school. My one beauty regret is my nails—I wish I painted them my school colors instead of a neutral shade, that could've been the one pop of color! It's a very minor regret, and I was really happy with my overall look.

Jasmine: What are your essential beauty products on graduation day?

If your ceremony is outside, avoid sticky lip gloss and give lips a sheen with tinted lip balm. Since you're probably sweating and things are bound to crease/melt/slide off, keep your face picture-perfect and fresh with a good eye shadow and foundation primer.

Jasmine: Do you have any advice in terms of beauty for this year's graduating class?

Keep it simple, fresh, and beautiful. This is probably not the time to experiment, so stick with your staples and you won't regret the photos later. Remember, you want to focus on the ceremony, not your makeup. Celebrate your hard work and spend time with family—congratulations class of 2011!

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