Makeup in the Military


When you picture a soldier in your mind’s eye, the last thing you imagine is what kind of lip gloss they may be wearing. Society has a misconception of what beauty is to a woman in uniform—but at the end of the day, she wants to feel beautiful in her own skin, just like you and me! Missy, shy of almost five years working for the Air Force, is a perfect example of a makeup obsessed woman in the military. Though makeup standards are on the conservative side, Missy loves to wear bold lipstick and nail polish. “Please don’t take away the only thing that makes me feel like a girl in this baggy, manly uniform!” Missy laments when she’s able to sneak a vibrant manicure. Needless to say, her superiors aren’t too enthused to see her wearing fuchsia digits. Though most of her days are spent in neutral, camouflage tones, she always glams it up for her two days off. “Not many people think that girlie-girls can immerse themselves in such a strong, male-oriented occupation and still keep their feminine side,” reflects Missy. “When I’m all dolled up and tell people I’m in the military, they’re always amazed. I love that reaction.”

But it’s not all bad in uniform. Missy feels sexy dressed in her Monday Blues—working slacks and a fitted, button-down shirt. On any other day, makeup is the only way she gets her “sexy on.” An avid online makeup tutorialist, she occasionally faces criticism from viewers (in addition to some of her peers) on wearing makeup to the office, but ignores the negativity. “As long as you’re coming to work to get the job done, why does it matter if you’re wearing foundation, eye liner, and lip gloss?” says Missy. “I highly doubt that my MAC Lipstick will keep me from drawing my weapon when it’s time to defend my country.”

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