Spotlight On: Sokolum79


Heather, also known as Sokolum79, is a unique makeup artist from Canada who shares her love for special effects and bold beauty with the beauty community.  What makes her different from most beauty gurus online is the fact that she is currently attending a film and television makeup program while she continues her work in the online beauty world. Keep reading to find out Heather's inspirations and secret beauty techniques!

Q & A Heather h. (sokolum79)

Q: What gives you the most inspiration for your makeup creations?

For beauty, the online makeup communities are probably my biggest inspirations. I've learned about so many tips, techniques, color combinations and products through them. My effects inspiration usually comes from movies.

**Q: You're a makeup student and interactive with the beauty world online—do the two parts of your life overlap? **

The first three months of my year-long program covered beauty makeup and I felt that the knowledge I had gained from the online makeup community really gave me a head start. One thing that I couldn't learn online was how to become comfortable applying makeup on others, but I learned quickly by scheduling five to eight makeup applications a week.

Q: How did you become interested in the world of special effects?

I've been fascinated in effects makeup and props since I was a child. I grew up watching movies and shows like The Neverending Story, Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, and Sesame Street. Later I graduated to watching horror movies like American Werewolf in London, Howling, and Night of the Living Dead

After I grew-up and became an accountant, I almost forgot about my love of effects. In the end, I thought I wasn't a great fit in the accounting industry. I was suffocating because I felt inhibited by the dress code, lack of creative inspiration, and the monotonous day-to-day work.  I then discovered the online makeup community and I avidly participated in several beauty forums and networking sites for about a year. This really gave me the push to quit my accounting career and head back to school for makeup. 

I just happened to have lucked out because one of the best schools for effects/movie makeup happened to be a five minute drive from my home. When it comes to makeup, I went for a mix of beauty and effects. However, I realized that my ideal job would be to work in a shop and to be part of creature and props creation.

**Q: Are there any specific movies or people that inspire you to work with effects? **

I love Ve Neill and Rick Baker's FX Shop. Also, Todd Masters and his team at Masters FX are absolutely brilliant as well, especially for producing the effects they do in a weeks time for True Blood and Fringe—two of my favorite shows.

Another favorite that pops into my mind are Tim Burton movies, specifically ones from my childhood like Edward Scissorhands and Beetlejuice. I've always loved sci-fi movies and all the creatures in those films. 

Q: Do you have any special makeup tips that most people don't know about?

I have really dry eyes which leads to watery eyes. I love wearing dark smoky looks and my tears would quickly rinse the shadow away from the outer corners of my eyes. I came up with a technique of using a waterproof pencil liner in the outer corner of my waterline and extending it slightly out onto my shadow. This prevents my shadow from being washed away in the outer corners of my eyes.

Q: Who are your favorite gurus that create awesome videos online?

There are many gurus that I adore, but a few I have loved from the very beginning are:

Vintageortacky - Cora really inspired me to use a lot of bright colors.

MissChievous - Julia taught me a lot of creative applications.

LetzMakeup - Siobhán posses a wealth of knowledge and talent in all things makeup.

Gossmakeupartist - Wayne keeps it real and no nonsense.

Linds1986 - A very sweet, down to earth girl who reviews a lot of drug store products.

Jazziebabycakes - Who doesn't love jazziebabycakes?!