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A Peek Inside Jasmine's Beauty Bag!


You all know her as jazziebabycakes, but we rely on her as our very own in-house makeup guru! So what does a product junkie like Beautylish’s Jasmine really use on her face every morning? We made her share the must-have products she can’t live without!

“When I'm not trying out a new social experiment or splashing wild and crazy colors on my face, I usually end up doing a pin-up inspired winged eye,” says Jasmine. “It's always been my good ol' stand by when I'm in a rush.”

For Jasmine, it all starts with good skin care. "When I get out of the shower I dab Obagi Elastiderm under my eyes and a little bit of StriVectin on my forehead,” she reveals. “Most people get their wrinkles from frowning, but mine honestly come from excitement! I always seem to raise my brows whenever I see something cool or cute—mostly puppies and awesome makeup—and it happens all the time. I've been trying to combat my happy lines, but they just won't disappear!” says Jasmine with a huge grin.

Next, it's all about the prep! “After priming my face, I hide my pores with Benefit's Porefessional—it's been a life saver as I get older," explains Jasmine. "I hide the bags under my eyes with Bobbi Brown's Color Corrector Concealer. I spend so much time in front of a computer that I forget to catch up on my beauty sleep, and those bad boys show off my poor snoozing habits.”

Jasmine's tutorials and social experiments inspire us all to create new, daring looks, but when it comes to everyday life, it's her perfect cat eye that greets us in the morning. “When it comes to eye makeup I keep things natural and defined for everyday," she says. "I use a couple of neutral matte shadows from Inglot to give my smaller lids some dimension, sweep on a thick cat eye with my trusty K Palette 24 Hour Tattoo Liner, and put on a flirty pair of false lashes. I’m addicted to lash strips and wear them daily!”

And for an extra punch? “If I'm feeling sassy—and quite often I am—I'll throw on MAC Russian Red Lipstick or NARS Schiap Lipstick for a shocking punch of color," says Jasmine. "And voilà, I'm ready for the foggy streets of San Francisco!”

We begged Jasmine for one of her makeup tips and tricks, and discovered just how she keeps those false lashes looking so perfect—and doesn't spend a heap buying new ones every day! “So that I can reuse my lash strips and give them more longevity over time, I apply mascara to my real lashes. This way the mascara binds my real lashes to the falsies, but it doesn't build up on the strip after every use,” reveals Jasmine.

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