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Beauty Guru Josh a.k.a Petrilude has been creating elaborate, jaw-droppingly awesome makeup looks on YouTube for the past five years. From everyday beauty looks to zombie masks, this New York City-based makeup artist can show you a thing or two about how to transform your face.

Q & A PEtrilude

Q: When it comes to Halloween tutorials, which we all know set you apart from many on YouTube, what is your process from concept to posting a video? 

I watch a lot of horror movies year round so that helps me get ideas. If I see something that looks cool or fun to try I add it to my list of Halloween looks, or will take bits and pieces from multiple ideas to create one tutorial. Once I have an idea of what I want to do I start throwing it on and recording the process.

Q: If you could say that someone has taught you a lot about makeup, who is it and what have you learned from them?

That would be Kevyn Aucoin, most of what I know I learned from his book. My friends who I've known since I first started playing with makeup have taught me a lot too.

Q: Where do you find most of your inspiration for makeup? 

Mainly exotic birds and fashion.

Q: What is your number one advice for someone trying to be a beauty guru on YouTube?

Make sure to keep things fresh and new, don't be scared to do something outside of the "box."

Q: What are your essentials for your makeup kit?

A good set of brushes! Product-wise, I never leave the house without Lancome's art liner, OCC Lip Tars, Sugarpill and Mehron Eye Shadows, and Make Up For Ever's Smoky Lash Mascara in my kit.

Q: Is it different putting makeup on yourself for videos as opposed to working as a makeup artist on other people?

Very. You know your own face better than anyone else's. Sometimes you can execute a look easier and faster on yourself than someone you've never worked on before. 

Q: Do you have any beauty tips for the summer? 

Drink lots of water to stay hydrated and always wear SPF! 

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