Would You Buy a Booty-Shaped Nail Polish?


San Francisco-based nail company Bootie Babe is making Sir Mix-A-Lot proud. They recently re-launched a vegan, 3-free nail line with a twist—the polishes are housed in bootylicious bottle shapes. CEO, funk musician, and designer Mark O’Hara originally envisioned the concept for the brand 15 years ago, but decided current lackluster packaging needed a serious lift.

24 shades of pastels, brights, and metallics come in just about the cheekiest albeit concept-appropriate names we've ever heard. Some examples—Red Riding RumpLoose Caboose, Hella HineyTears for Rears, and Cafe Bootay. Do us a favor and see the rest for yourself.

While it's true the female form often serves as inspiration in the beauty world (Jean Paul Gaultier's iconic fragrances are first to mind), we're more curious than ever to hear your thoughts on these lacquered rumps. Would you try this curvaceous nail novelty or kick Bootie Babes' keister to the curb? Share your thoughts below!

Bootie Babe Fashion Nail Polish, $12 (.5 oz (14.8 ml), available for pre-order online at bootiebabe.com