6 Limited-Edition Nail Polishes to Add to Your Arsenal


One quick, easy way add an instant pop of color to your outfit: a fresh coat of nail polish. We have no lack of options here, thanks to two new collections from Cult Nails, each with three new, limited-edition shades ($12 apiece). So whether you’re looking for a neutral with a twist or a fun summery bright, you’re bound to find the perfect pick. Don’t hold back, these colors won’t be around for long!

Spring Radiance Collection

Thriveshop it

You probably won’t believe us, but we’re still not sick of pastel mints, and this one feels particularly special. The polish itself is a little thick, mostly because of all the silver and aqua sparkles packed inside. It has a slightly gritty texture when it dries, so we recommend finishing with a high-shine top coat.

Alluringshop it

The prettiest mauve color that’s bordering on neutral. We love that there’s a hint (seriously, tiny!) of green-gold shimmer mixed in for an extra bit of shine, especially in natural light.

Radianceshop it

A creamy pigment-packed berry that goes on incredibly smooth. The color is so intense (in a good way!) you can get by with just one coat. On fingers or toes, it feels ultra glam, and you’ll see us wearing it all season long and beyond.  

New Day Collection

Evolutionshop it

A buildable sheer peach, one coat will give you a simple, crisp mani while adding another coat or two brings the opaqueness up a notch. If layering, let it dry between coats to avoid streakiness. 

Falling Hardshop it

Seriously the best bubblegum pink polish we’ve seen in a while. It’s creamy enough that you can get by with a single coat, and it dries with a glossy finish. Adding a bit of top coat will only enhance the natural shine. Major bonus!

New Dayshop it

Pastel yellow nails? Yes please! We’re smitten with this buttery shade that’s muted-down to perfection. Go for two thin coats to avoid clumps and streaks.

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