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Road Test July: We Tested Five New Products To Give You The Lowdown!


We see a lot of products around here (emphasis on lot). And we truly do our best to try ’em all so that we can share our intel with you guys. This time around, we tackle a new type of flat iron, a peel-off mani product, an updo helper, and more. Read on for the results!

Ladies & Gents Ferrum Professional Styler

The claim: a flat iron with one fabric-covered plate that’s less damaging than traditional iron, and leaves hair shinier and more voluminous

“Fact: I have the weirdest, wonkiest hair. It’s really fine and at once limp and extra wavy-slash-curly-slash-flat. It does what it wants to, and most days, I let it. But when I want any sort of polish, some sort of iron (to go either wavier or straighter) is a must. The Ferrum Styler is truly unlike any other flat iron I’ve tried! One plate is tourmaline-coated ceramic; the other, the one you put on the outer side of the strand you’re ironing, is non-heated(!) and covered in soft fabric. The latter is meant to let hair breathe while also causing less damage. What I noticed most is that it heats up fast (140–450 degrees) and it doesn’t make my hair flat. It smoothes it and makes it softer and better-looking, yes, but also voluminous. The plates are beveled so that if you can easily do a little flip at the ends for movement. I don’t think I’ll ever switch to another iron after trying this one. Pricey, yes, but in line with other professional hair tools and well worth it.” – Jill, managing editor

Kiesque Liquid Palisade

The claim: a paint-on, peel-off nail art and mani product for getting clean edges and precise shapes

“Think of this as an alternative to an acetone-dipped brush to clean up any polish snafus after a DIY mani. In texture and scent, it’s not unlike eyelash glue, and that makes sense as both are latex-based (skip this one if you’re allergic to latex). You paint it onto cuticles before your polish, and then peel it away, taking the excess with you for a clean line. It was kind of fun putting on polish, knowing I could go outside the lines. It peels off easily, and left a more defined nail shape. My only complaint is that the wand is a bit too long while the handle is on the shorter line, which could impact precision. Still, it could help with finishing touches and nail art. If you let one color dry first, you can also use it to make clean French tips or shapes, lines, and more.” – Terry, editorial designer

Sole Goddess Blister Protection Foot Balm

The claim: a swipe-on balm that prevents blisters, especially for heels

“Initially, I was a bit skeptical about this balm stick's ability to prevent blisters. But as someone who wears heels, I can say it works! It seems especially effective in typical blister spots like the back of the heels, pinkie toes, etc. You rub it on before you put on your shoes, and it creates this barrier that stops irritation (it was inspired by the stuff marathoners use to prevent chafing). I highly recommend it for stiletto sandal lovers, as its an invisible alternative to stick-on pad products. Be warned though, it leaves a bit of sheen, but you can just blend it out by applying a little lotion around the surrounding skin. And be careful with suede or light-colored shoes, as it may rub off!” – Terry, editorial designer

Nutra Nail Gel Perfect Walk On the Wild Side Pedicure Kit

The claim: at-home gel kit that dries so well, so fast that you can put on shoes after five minutes

"Lazy as I am when it comes to doing my toes, I was excited to try out this at-home pedi kit. At first glance, the included instructions make the application seem complicated, but it’s actually pretty easy! And in the end, not at all that different from applying regular polish. You just use layer it with something called "activator," a separate liquid product that looks like regular topcoat, and use the included brush cleaner between coats. My pedi dried super quickly—I tried putting my shoes on after five minutes. No smudges. And it lasted about 14 days before it chipped. The only part I don't like, as with most at-home gel products, is that you need to buy a specially formulated remover product in order to take it off efficiently. But if you're a DIY type who doesn't want to redo your pedi often, or if you're going on a vacation, I recommend it."
– Jill, managing editor 

Sephora Bunette

The claim: a bendable hold-your-bun-in-place hair tool and alternative to a sock bun or hair doughnut

"I found that, despite having thin hair that I thought wasn't long enough to work, this actually did! The rolling-bending method (suggested in the instructions) worked perfectly and stayed in place all day. The only thing that I noticed was that the bunette would occasionally start to peek through my hair after a few hours of wear. I was able to resuscitate my bun by covering it with some strands and adding a few bobby pins. And I think that if my hair were a few inches longer, it would've be perfect." – Kate, lead designer