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Sugar Factory Violent Lips!


violent lips Sugar Factory Lip Tattoos, $15.95/pack of 3

Bold lip line Violent Lips has teamed up with the ultimate sweet company, Sugar Factory, to create limited edition candy-inspired temporary lip tattoos. The "flavors" are a nod to Sugar Factory's luxe candy selection, and the prints make you want to watch Willy Wonka five times over! As always, Violent lips are FDA-approved and vegan-safe! These sugary treats come in eight delectable flavors, which one would you wear?

Available at Sugar Factory locations and

  • 'Sprinkles' Lip Tattoo
  • 'Candy Dots' Lip Tattoo
  • 'Rainbow Lip' Tattoo
  • 'Candy Striper' Lip Tattoo
  • 'Pink Hearts' Lip Tattoo
  • 'Candy Hearts' Lip Tattoo
  • 'Peppermint Striped' Lip Tattoo
  • 'Cherries' Lip Tattoo

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