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Ever wonder what the tastemakers and style authorities are really using on their skin? Visionaire magazine cofounder and editor in chief Cecilia Dean is a permanent fixture on the New York City social scene. Cecilia is instantly recognizable for her signature look—slicked-back shiny hair, bare, glowing skin that shows off her freckles, and bold lips—not to mention her amazing fashion ensembles (think Chanel handbags and sky-high YSL heels). The culty Visionaire (which costs $295 for every limited-edition issue and is more a collector’s item than a magazine) is obsessed over by the art world and fashion flock alike, and is released only three times a year. It has featured some of the world’s best photographers, artists, models, and designers, and has been called the couture of magazines. The latest issue (with Lady Gaga on the cover), measures 36 by 49.48 inches, and made the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's biggest magazine! This exclusive book also sparked the offshoot V, which Cecilia also contributes to. We spoke with Cecilia at the BMW i Panel Discussion (where she discussed sustainability) to talk about her makeup routine and why it’s so important to maintain a healthy, eco-friendly diet.

Q & A: Cecilia Dean

Q: Talk me through your beauty routine.

I really don't do much, but I'm very particular about what I buy. I see a dermatologist once a month, and I only like to use whatever she tells me, rather than choosing it myself. I bike to work every day on my bamboo bike [Cecilia lives in Redhook, Brooklyn], and once I get to work I'll take a shower and wash my face with Dermalogica UltraCalming Cleanser. Then I apply Aveda Moisturizing Cream and Aveda SPF 50. I always, always wear sunscreen. It's so important.

Q: Do you wear any makeup to work?

Not at all. Sometimes when I'm going out I'll wear some mascara or a bold lip, but I don't even know which brands I use. I don't like to put anything on my face, and I think it's really important to let your skin breathe. I think great skin is largely a result of what you eat and how much you exercise. I'm always glowing when I get back from the gym. I try to drink two liters of water a day, and I drink lots of green tea. My favorite is from a place called In Pursuit of Tea.

Q: What's your favorite product?

I love Rodin Olio Lusso Face Oil. I'll put it on sometimes at night instead of my Aveda moisturizer. I like everything to be natural, and this smells amazing. I also like argan oil—my friend just brought me some in its pure form.

Q: Facials or massages?

I never really get facials, I'm just not that type of person. Sometimes if my dermatologist tells me to, I’ll get one. I'm not that concerned about them or aging. Over the years I've managed to stop lifting my forehead and frowning so I don't get any wrinkles—and yes, it takes a lot of practice.

Q: How about eating right? Do you think that affects your skin?

I think it's so important! I don't smoke, drink alcohol, coffee, or soda, or eat processed foods. I like to know where all my food comes from, so it's mostly organic, and I live a very eco-friendly lifestyle. Everything that you put inside your body affects you on the outside.

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