Kendra channels '40s starlet style at Dancing With The Stars


Kendra channeled her inner '40s-era starlet tonight even though she performed the waltz on this week's Dancing With The Stars. "I could tell she had that '40s swagger and vibe the minute she sat down in the chair with her Hollywood starlet chair off to the side," says Melanie Mills, head makeup-artist for Anastasia, "I gave her that strong feminine look famous in the '40s—think Lana Turner & Betty Grable—she rocked the look." 

BROWS Kendra's viennese WALTZ

1940's starlets had bigger arches and longer brows that gave them that power look. I also went darker than usual to make her brows stand out using Beauty Express Palette in Blonde. I used the darker blonde and the wax cream which is a must to hold Kendra's wild brows in place.


I wanted a clean shimmery eye that sparkled so I used the Duality Pencil in Sand Shimmer from lid to brow and blended it down using a concealer brush. On top of the Duality Sand Shimmer I applied a white shimmer shadow (shade #1) using a wet brush to accentuate the shimmer from Illumin8 Palette #4 all along the lid. Lined the bottom lids using the dark brown shadow and applied two coats of Lash lifting mascara on her natural lashes and on top of her false sets.


I lined the lips with a fuchsia lip liner and used the Hydrafull Gloss in Sorbet on top.

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