Clinique Beauty Forecast App


clinique forecast

At your fingertips: weather report, beauty tips, and product news—for free!

Your local news may tell you the temperature outside, but does your weatherman also give you advice on how to protect your skin when air pollution is bad? Didn't think so. Rain or shine, clear or smoggy, the weather affects your hair and skin. Now, get real-time weather, UV, humidity, and air pollution information from Clinique Forecast, a free iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad app (Android version is in the works) from the skin care company, Clinique.

Live in an urban environment? Learn what to do to keep your skin clean and clear when the pollution index soars. Noticing some fine lines? Discover how to protect skin from one of the leading causes of visible signs of premature aging.

Features include:

  • Weather information geo-targeted to your region: Current Temperature, UV Index, Pollution Index, Relative Humidity.

  • Expert skin care tips from Clinique related to current weather conditions

  • Clinique Store Finder

  • Clinique news and events

Download Clinique Forecast at iTunes.

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