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Face Painting Isn't Just For Kids


Do you ever feel like your makeup routine is too boring? If you've been rocking the same look for way too long, we've got the perfect solution for your beauty rut: play- time! Whip out your paints, pigments, and brushes, because a little face-art never hurt.

One night, I decided to go crazy with my makeup after wearing the same neutral eye for a month—I was well overdue for some color. The result of my makeup jam session? I looked like a creature from outer space, but I explored some interesting color combinations that I'll definitely use for future makeup designs. Win win!

Today's face paint is different than the clown makeup of the past. With newer formulas, better textures, and richer pigment, smooth creams, vibrant powders and sleek liners let your inner-artist come alive. Go ahead, paint the town—on your face!

  • Make Up For Ever 12 Flash Color Case (for rich and creamy pigment)
  • NYX Cosmetics Super Skinny Eye Marker (for precision lining)
  • Sleek Makeup Acid i-Divine Palette (to set your grease paint and blend)

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