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L'Oréal Double Extend Eye Illuminator: Is a two-step necessary?


MAscARAL'ORÉAL Double Extend Eye Illuminator

I am not a mascara junkie by any means. I find that eyeliner enhances my eyes better than most mascaras can, so I focus on the lash line instead of the lashes. Most mascara formulas that claim to lengthen, thicken, and separate never seem to hold up their claims, leaving me to retreat back to the safe world of eyeliner-dom. L'ORÉAL's Double Extend Eye Illuminator is a two-part system: Step 1, a black mascara, intensifies eyes while Step 2, an illuminating "topcoat", highlights eye lashes. I never expected much from this particular formula, and wasn't looking forward to trying a two step system--yes I'm that lazy. But Step 1 is an amazing mascara by itself. Step 2 I could live without--I thought the colored topcoat made my lashes look dusty!

The key to the Step 1's awesome performance is in the brush design and formula. Product is always evenly distributed on the wand, which allows for consistent, clump-free application. Combined with a few pumps of my eye lash curler, my lashes were lengthened, plush, and fluttery (our Beauty Director even asked if I was wearing false lashes!) Similar to many Japanese mascara formulations, Double Extend contains fibers which lengthen lashes without the spidery look. With minimal flaking and an easy to cleanse formula, we're hooked! While half of this mascara is too gimmicky for our taste, we'd re-purchase for Step 1 alone.

Image courtesy of L'ORÉAL

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