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Romantic Braid Like Uma Thurman's


For a fresh twist on a casual low braid, celebrity hairstylist David Babaii gave actress Uma Thurman soft, face-framing curls for last night's Los Angeles premiere of "Ceremony." The effect is an elegant, dressed up braided hairstyle that's perfect for a date night! David Babaii shows Beautylish how to get the romantic braid here.

HOW TO Romantic Braid

  1. First, David prepared Uma's freshly washed and conditioned hair for styling by massaging a dime-size amount of Couture Colour Pequi Oil Treatment to her hair. To ensure the product was evenly distributed from roots to ends, he combed it through using a wide-tooth comb.

  2. Next, David used a blowdryer and a large round brush to dry Uma's hair, lifting the root area for added volume and bending the ends under for a smooth, rounded finish.

  3. After drying all of Uma's hair, David applied extra Pequi Oil on his hands and gathered her hair with his fingers to braid it into a long, loose braid down the center of Uma's back. He secured the braid with a rubber band but left her shorter front layers free and loose.

  4. To finish, David created soft loose curls with a 1 ½" curling iron by taking large sections of hair and wrapping then around the inside barrel (with the clamp open), holding for a few sections. Then he released the hair, alowing the curls to fall naturally.

Image courtesy of Couture Colour