The Fast Track To Long Hair


I know patience is a virtue, but when it comes to hair, waiting for a short cut to grow out can test the limits of even the most virtuous girl. After months of complaining about my shoulder-length hair, I thought hair extensions could help ease my growing pains. So a couple of weeks ago, I headed over to Makeup Mandy on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood, owned by celebrity makeup artist Amanda Jacobellis, who works with stars like Ke$ha. Mandy color matched my hair to make sure that the extensions would blend with my natural hair and turned my hair from a short bob to a long luxurious mane.

clip-in hair extensions

When I had my first consultation with Mandy, she had told me that clip-ins would be a much better alternative than permanent extensions because they would be less of a commitment. With clip-ins, you can put them in or take them out whenever you want to and there's no risk of damaging your natural hair. When putting the extensions in, Mandy suggested attaching the sections of hair about two inches apart from each other (starting from the bottom of your head going upward). Since my hair is so straight, teasing the roots or creating small braids that the clips can grab onto will help the extensions stay in place.

In total, Mandy used six sections of hair extensions to add the Kardashian-like length (one on each side of my head and four going down the back). For fun, she asked if I wanted a purple streak in my hair (and of course I said yes!). Because these extensions are made from the highest quality natural human hair, they will last forever with the proper care and can be dyed, heat styled and cut however I choose. I like them because they're a safe way to switch up and experiment with my hairstyle and color without the consequence or commitment.

Beautylish recommends: For heat styling the extensions, Mandy suggests taking a hair band and wrapping it around a chair. To style the hair extension, clip the piece to the hair band on the chair before grabbing your styling tool. It's much easier to style the extension in front of you than on your head and you won't pull on your natural hair while blowdrying, curling, flatironing, etc. Don't forget to use a heat protectant product on the hair extension piece—it's made of real hair and can get dry and damaged just like your natural hair. Regular shampooing and conditioning treatments also help keep the extension in good shape and remove product build-up.