Dreaming of India


India has always been an inspiration for color and texture, and we're going to show you just what we love about the home of Bollywood Beauty. "India is a mecca of color, flavor, and all types of beauty," says Jeffrey Paul, celebrity makeup artist and Bollywood Beauty expert (he's responsible for Freida Pinto's signature look!). "There's so much to be influenced by—the food, the architecture, the colorful saris, the textiles, it's absolutely incredible. And the women in India are so beautiful. I love their complexion and their features."

So what's the signature Indian look? "Whether infant or elderly, black kohl is a beauty staple. At a very young age, babies wear it as a method to cleanse their eyes because the kohl is formulated with medicinal properties. Imagine us putting eye liner on a baby in the West? This is just something they grow up with, it's beauty and medicine combined," explains Jeffrey. What other beauty trends mark the classic Indian look? "Black liner, of course, colorful eyes, lush lashes, shimmering natural lips, bronzed complexion, silky hair, and lots of jewelry."

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